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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Box of Death

There are bits and pieces of history that have been passed down through the ages from one Wizard of the Dead Magic to the next. Mostly, these bits and pieces show up in various tomes that occupy the wizard's castle within the Realm of Dead Magic. They usually involve tactics for creating a bridge between the abyss and the natural world, the development of some artifact, or another accomplishment that was realized by a particular wizard.

Wizards of the Dead Magic explore these bits and pieces of information as a way to try and achieve their ultimate goal: transforming the natural world into a surrogate Realm of Dead Magic, one that is free and unfettered from interference by the light magic.

One such piece of information that has existed for millennia concerns the Box of Death, an artifact created by the very first Wizard of the Dead Magic - Cain. Cain had been able to collect a series of stone fragments, with each fragment containing a powerful concentration of dead magic. Where the fragments came from and why they were imbued with the dead magic is unknown to me, lost to the passage of time. What is known, though, is that Cain crafted a small box with several compartments, one for each of the existing fragments. He imbued the box with the dead magic, allowing the sparks of the fragments to reconnect with each other once they were inside the box.

As millennia have passed, much of what is known about the Box of Death or the fragments has been lost. It is unknown exactly how many fragments existed or how many Cain was able to collect. I spent nearly a hundred years attempting to search the natural world, looking for - sensing for - the existence of such a powerful artifact, but I was never able to locate it. But now, it seems Malo has located this artifact, and it could very well be the implement for bringing about the desolation of the natural world.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Magic

So, Christmas is approaching, and I thought it might be a good time to explore the connection between Christmas and magic. I've always had a sense that there was a strong connection, and a few years ago, I asked Burgess, my Teacher and Protector about it. He shared what he knew, but he told me that I would need to learn more from the Hall of Wizards.

I decided to do just that, and here's what I learned. Around four thousand years ago there was a cataclysmic battle between the Wizards of the Light Magic and the Wizard of the Dead Magic in ancient Babylon. The Wizard of the Dead Magic was trying to use the power connected with the solstice to open a portal to the abyss. The battle raged for several hours, with a small portal opening and creatures from the abyss beginning to flood into the natural world. The creatures began to flood the city of Babylon, and the residents of the city did their best to fight back the cadre of creatures.

While the other Wizards of the Light Magic fought with the Babylonian army to protect the city, the Wizard of Fire used his powerful magic to close the portal, producing a bright flare of light that exploded up into the sky. The people of ancient Babylon saw the cataclysmic explosion and attributed it to the sun god coming to their aid. The creatures were eventually destroyed, as was the Wizard of the Dead Magic. The people of Babylon chose to have a celebration a few days later to commemorate the greatness of the sun god. That day turned out to be December 25.

Flash forward several centuries to the early days of the Romans. There was a period of horrible drought. Farming became difficult, if not impossible. People were starving, and the entire civilization was threatened. A pair of wizards, though, arrived in the area. One was able to use her magic to produce rain, while the other was able to use her magic to cause the crops to quickly spurt up from the ground. Their use of magic ended both the drought and the lack of food, giving the Roman civilization a new lease on life. As soon as they had used their magic to bring about an end to the drought and starvation, though, they simply disappeared, much to the Romans disappointment. The miraculous change in their situation, coupled with the immediate disappearance of the wizards, gave rise to the notion that the two wizards had been avatars of the God of Agriculture, Saturn. It took a couple of months for everything to return to normal in Rome, but once it had, the Romans decided to use that time to celebrate the power of Saturn. That day also happened to be December 25.

These are just a couple of the amazing events that have happened within the natural world that have a tie to the date celebrated as Christmas in the modern age, but there are many others, and all of them have a tie to the power of the light magic, a force for good in the natural world.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Hate the Cold

So, I know we're getting close to Christmas, and as Jolie pointed out, it would be nice to see a Christmas come around without any Wizard of the Dead Magic threatening the natural world.

But I gotta say, one of the things I hate about Christmas is the cold. I know it's not cold all over the world at Christmastime, but it always has been where I grew up. And I really don't like it in the least bit. I am such a warm weather girl, I would probably be happy spending Christmas in Australia (minus the demonic kangaroos).

Of course, it's also a bit difficult to use your earth magic to its fullest potential when there's two or three inches of snow on the ground. The one time we had to fight Balthazar in the snow, the best I was able to do was use my staff to return Balthazar's creatures to the abyss. It's a good thing Reece was able to use her water magic so effectively, or else we might have lost that battle. Between her and Jolie, there were enough distractions to keep Balthazar's creatures off balance, so Nikko and I could finish them off.

While the other wizards may not be so impacted by the cold weather or the snow, my powers become much weaker. There just isn't as much for the Wizard of Earth Magic to do when most of the plants and trees are dormant for the winter. They do not produce enough ambient magic for me to draw on, which means I drain my spark much more quickly than normal. I would much prefer a nice, warm, temperate area than a cold, frozen one.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Christmas Wish

It's funny how things have changed since I became the Wizard of Wind Magic. You see, my perspective is much different these days than back when things were simpler. Back before I became sparked, I was living in an orphanage. At that time, I would have wished for a loving family to come and adopt me and my sisters. Of course, the fact that there were three of us made that wish never come to pass, though I guess you could say Nikko sort of adopted us. It just didn't work out the way I thought it would.

But now, I would have to say that my Christmas wish would be to rid the world of the dead magic forever - to end the eternal battle between the light and dead magics. While I love the awesome things I can do because of my spark, I would give it all up without any second thoughts if it meant there would be no more Wizards of the Dead Magic, no more constant threats to the natural world. I'm not wishing for world peace here, I'm just wishing to let the future of the natural world be decided by normals and not by wizards and fairies.

You see, there've been many events in the history of the natural world that were influenced by magic. Sometimes, those events are good, but all too often, those events have led to death, chaos, and darkness. It would be nice if the future of the natural world could progress unimpeded by the power of magic, both light and dead. Let the human spirit, not the power of magic, guide the future.

Unfortunately, I don't see my Christmas wish coming true anytime soon. Until it does, I have no choice but to carry on as the Wizard of Wind Magic, fighting to protect the natural world so that normals can have something to celebrate at Christmas.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

So, I love a White Christmas! It's not because I'm a huge fan of Bing Crosby or anything like that. It's because a White Christmas means snow, and snow means frozen water on the ground. And for a Wizard of Water Magic, that means I have an awful lot of stuff to work with without having to use too much of my own spark. You see, I can make it rain or snow, but to do those things, I have to expend some of my spark. With snow on the ground, I can use my spark instead to make it do all kinds of fun things for me.

I've only really had one chance to fight against Balthazar in the snow. It didn't work out to his advantage, let me tell you that. I was able to form snowballs while Jolie used her wind magic to pelt creature after creature, giving Nikko and Summer the opportunity to easily move in and destroy a bunch of goblins and skeletons. I was also able to will the snow to freeze even more, becoming slick sheets of ice that rendered Balthazar's minions completely useless. And I was able to do all of that without having to expend much of my spark.

So, while it may not seem like much, snow can definitely be used to my advantage. I'm pretty sure Balthazar learned that a snowy battlefield was never going to lead to anything but defeat for him. I guess perhaps that's why he's avoided battles in the snow since then.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Can Use That to My Advantage

The natural world - our world - is teaming with life. There are so many places on the planet where nature reigns supreme. Forests and jungles provide the best places in the natural world to connect with the earth magic. I can manipulate the plants and trees around me, I can connect with the power of the earth magic that resides deep within those areas, and I can use that to my advantage.

It's kind of nice when we have to battle within those places because my magic can be used much more effectively. Not only can I harness it to protect myself and the other wizards, but I can transform the earth magic into a powerful weapon. I can use it to cause tree-like spears to come shooting upwards from the ground, sending dozens of goblins, skeletons, or other creatures back to the abyss. I can use it to put an end to the dead magic's plans to conquer the natural world.

While it may not always be easy being the Wizard of the Earth Magic, when we're fighting deep within a forest or jungle, my power is difficult to challenge.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Channelling the Dead Magic

Magic is a powerful force. It exists all around the natural world, and it can be channelled to augment a wizard's own spark. Of course, wizards of the dead magic often become quite masterful at performing such feats.

The natural world has, over its history, been plagued by some very dark days. Many of those horrific periods were fueled by the dead magic. And when death and destruction plagues an area for an extended period, a concentration of residual dead magic often remains for quite some time - even after the death and destruction has ended.

A Wizard of the Dead Magic can use his spark to channel that residual magic, opening portals that allow powerful creatures to escape from the abyss. He can channel that power to corrupt normals within the area, transforming them into powerful creatures that obey his every command. And he can leverage powerful structures that have a connection to the dead magic - such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pharos of Alexandria - as a lightning rod for that power.

The Wizards of the Dead Magic who were most successful in the past were able to leverage the dead magic's connection to the natural world to accomplish their feats. It remains to be seen when such will happen again.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The History of the World Is A History of Magic

The more I travel the natural world with Nikko, the more I realize that the history of our world is so deeply tied to the history of magic. A lot of the darker periods in history were at least partly shaped by a wizard of the dead magic.

Mexico City, Egypt, Paris - all have a history tied to magic. And there are so many other places I could name. The dead magic has influenced so much of the history of the natural world, but that influence never made its way into the history books. The power of magic keeps that from happening.

And since the beginning of recorded history, wizards of the light magic have played a role in defeating the dead magic's influence. Wizards have given their lives to help end the dead magic's sway over a region, ruler, or people. But even when the dead magic's influence has ended, a particular area may radiate dead magic for years, centuries, or even millennia, especially in places where the dead magic had a powerful foothold.

Unfortunately, that means a wizard of the dead magic may return to a site that still radiates the dead magic and use that residual power to augment his own power. Unfortunately, we've had the privilege of seeing that first hand. Balthazar tried to use the radiant magic of Paris, Athens, Australia, and Mexico to make his own power stronger. Somehow, we have managed to survive.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creating Artifacts is Not as Easy as It Seems

Summer recently discussed the potential power of artifacts in our battle against the dead magic. She was even so kind as to point out that I have, so far, been unable to learn how to create them. That's true, but there is a caveat to that explanation.

My Teacher and Protector, Burgess, was adamant about us not learning how to create artifacts. Though he knew of their immense potential, he also readily pointed out that they could cause wizards to become more careless, relying too much on the power of their artifacts and spending too little time honing their own spark.

When he cautioned us against their use, he seemed to be speaking from experience. Though Devon, Arturo, and I probed him about his own experience with artifacts, he told us that he "didn't want to talk about it." And we had long since learned that when Burgess used those words, we were to drop the subject. And so we did.

Unfortunately, because of that, I never learned the intricacies involved in creating artifacts, and when Burgess died, any knowledge of how to create them was lost - at least for the time being. I've consulted the fire fairies - hoping they would clue me in about how to create them - but they simply told me that it was not the right time.

And so, to this day, the wizards of the light magic lack the ability to create artifacts. I'm sure when the time is right, we'll learn how to do so, but until then, we'll have to rely on the artifacts of others.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We recently learned about the importance of artifacts in the history of magic. It seems a wizard can imbue an object, like a sword, a ring, bracelets, or some other object, with a magical spark of its own. Then, the wizard can tap into the magic imbued within the artifact to do something specific without having to use her own spark.

Wizards of the past created these artifacts. Most can only be used by a wizard of a certain type of magic - and if an artifact is sparked with one type of magic, a wizard sparked with a different type of magic cannot wield or even touch the artifact.

But it seems the creation of artifacts is not an easy process. Even Nikko, who's been sparked for quite some time, has not yet perfected the ability. Apparently, it takes quite a bit of time and quite a bit of adeptness to create such a powerful tool. I wonder if any artifacts from the past are still out there and whether we might be able to acquire some to help us in our battle against the dead magic. I'm sure they would come in quite handy for us.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hall of Wizards

Inside the Castle Cloudline, there is a majestic room known as the Hall of Wizards. The hall contains the essence of every wizard of the light magic who has ever been sparked. It is a place so saturated with magic that simply stepping inside the room could cause a wizard to burn up nearly instantly - if you don't know what you're doing.

You see, it takes special preparation before you can successfully enter the hall. A wizard must first have a sufficiently powerful spark that it can withstand the constant flood of magic that will buffet him once he enters.

And that's the real trick to all of it. Before I can enter the Hall of Wizards, I must first release all the magic that has built up within my spark. I must become nearly depleted, so that when I enter and the magic begins to pour into me, my spark can withstand the surge. Otherwise, the magic will flow into my spark, cause it to overflow, and then it will consume me.

It took me years to learn the techniques necessary to enter the Hall of Wizards. So far, I have refused to allow Summer, Jolie, or Reece to enter with me. I can't run the risk of the magic of the hall consuming them. In time, I will teach them the proper way to prepare, I will teach them how to enter the hall, and they will benefit from its many insights.

You see, when I have a question about anything related to the history of magic, sometimes the fairies are not the most forthcoming with the information I need. But the wizards from the past often have insights to offer, and so I will consult with one of them. I have consulted with many such wizards, and they always provide unique insights. They are another resource at the disposal of the wizards of the light magic.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Wizard Reece
Wouldn't it be great for a wizard to have kids? Then, we could be running around with a bunch of babies sparked by magic! Wouldn't life be grand?

Well, that isn't ever going to happen! You see, once a person becomes sparked with the magic, they can't have kids. At least that's what Nikko tells me.

And it's interesting that the fairies in general select people to be their wizards who don't really have any family. In my case, all the people from my family were actually sparked by the fairies. At the time, it was just us three girls. Our parents died when we were young, and we were living in an orphanage. According to Nikko, the same thing happened to him. He was all alone when he became sparked by the magic.

The fairies need to ensure the people they spark can be focused only on safeguarding the natural world. Distractions would only serve to get in the way of that, and that usually means a wizard wouldn't last very long. If your loyalty is split between the Realm of Light Magic and your family back in the natural world, then your training would suffer and you would be a liability to the other wizards.

In a way, the fairies choosing to spark three sisters may prove to be their best move yet. Not only are we loyal to Nikko and the fairies, but we're loyal to each other. And that means the fairies can always count on us to have each other's backs and to do whatever we can to keep each other alive. I wonder if the fairies counted on that when they chose to spark us. I suspect I'll never truly find out the answer to that.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013


So, I saw that Summer recently wrote about the fairies. Well, in the Realm of Dead Magic, fairies are called Sprites. They are the ones who spark the dead magic, and they are manipulative little creatures. They can convince even a good-natured person to accept their corrupting power.

With only one wizard to work with, Sprites ensure that each new Wizard of the Dead Magic is properly trained and infused with the Dead Magic. They must manipulate a potential wizard to accept the spark of the dead magic. Once that happens, the wizard quickly acquires enough of a spark to be transported to the Realm of Dead Magic.

And that's when the training begins. Even after all this time, I still remember my training. It seemed to last forever. I replaced the Wizard Bahmet, who was the Wizard of the Dead Magic for only 35 years, killed by a Wizard of Fire Magic named Cristobal and his Teacher and Protector, Veronica, a Wizard of Wind Magic. To his credit, though, in that same battle, Bahmet had managed to kill both the Wizard of Earth Magic and the Wizard of Water Magic.

It was after Bahmet's death that the Sprites convinced me to accept their power. It took me over a year to be prepared to do what needed to be done in the natural world. And one year after that, I had killed both Cristobal and Veronica, though the two youngling wizards they had recently trained managed to get away. My power had grown strong in a very short period of time, I was ready to be the Wizard of the Dead Magic, and I was a force to be reckoned with for the next 500 years.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wizard Summer
Normals - that is the term we use to describe people in the natural world who have no magical gifts. They are the people who go about their lives, unaware of the existence of magic. And more importantly for us, they are unaware of the existence of actual wizards.

It's funny to me how magic can twist people's sense of reality. We have been involved in lots of battles that occur near people. I mean, just in our exploits in Rise of the Dead Magic, we go to Paris, Athens, and lots of other places. You would think that after all this time, normals would have figured out we exist.

But that's where the power of magic comes in. You see, the fairies and the magic they used to spark our world are amazingly powerful. Magic has the ability to mess with people's minds. When magic is in the area, normals' memories get twisted and reshaped, so that it better fits their sense of reality. Invasions by creatures of the dead magic get wiped from their minds, leaving holes in their memories or filling in those holes with moments that never existed. When a normal dies during one of our battles, that memory gets replaced by one of a random act of violence perpetrated by another normal, not by some creature of the dead magic. Unsolved crimes are sometimes unsolvable because the power of magic makes them so. Sometimes, residual memories exist, though, and they can spark the imaginations of those who experienced a magical event. They usually come out in interesting ways - in fantasy books, websites, and even online games.

Of course, we also have rules of engagement. We are not supposed to begin our magical battles while normals are around - that helps to protect the secrets of magic. Even the Wizard of the Dead Magic is bound by that rule. Sometimes, though, normals do encounter us directly and see us cast one of our spells. When that happens, magic cannot affect their memories. They usually end up not surviving very long, though, because that usually means they stumbled across a battle between the wizards. Those that do, though, often end up telling their stories to the tabloids, but the rest of the natural world ends up thinking the story was just made up. And once again, magic maintains its secrecy.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prepare Your Weapons

Wizard Nikko
I thought this might be a good time to fill everybody in on the weapons we use in battle. I could have left this up to one of the other wizards, but I figured as the Teacher and Protector, it was my job to take the lead.

As you all know by now, I am the Wizard of Fire. For me, a fire sword has developed as the weapon most easily conjured. The sword is quite useful. It provides light, which allows me to fight relatively easily even in a darkened place. And it is a powerful emanation of fire magic, meaning that I can use it to effectively dispel a number of Balthazar's minions. Of course, when it comes to slaying powerful creatures, my flame sword has proven to be ineffective. And that's where I need to summon something more powerful - using the combined power of all of the wizards of the light magic.

Summer's weapon of choice is a double-bladed staff. It actually works quite well with her type of magic. She is a healing wizard by nature, relying largely on the protective power of the earth magic to keep creatures at bay (and spear some with a few of her spells). Her staff is useful because it can be used to keep creatures far enough away from Summer that she can cast the types of spells she needs to cast to be effective.

Jolie's weapon of choice is a mace. Though a mace may not seem like a powerful weapon, Jolie's mace is a strong emanation of her wind magic. Coupled with the armor she can summon and her ability to fly, Jolie can wield her mace in ways none of the other wizards ever could.

And finally, Reece's weapon of choice is a sword made of ice. But because water can freeze, Reece is also able to summon an ice shield to protect her from oncoming attacks, quite a nice complement to her sword. That is something I wish I could conjure, but I don't think a fire shield is going to stop much of anything. Having her shield allows Reece to engage her enemies in vastly different ways than I do, and that allows us greater flexibility in how we fight as a team.

And that's the most important aspect of the weapons we conjure for battle. They really play to our strengths and allow us to leverage our magic in the best ways possible. Our other spells really complement the use of those weapons, and that is why I feel confident going into battle.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fairies Are Real - So What?

Wizard Jolie
Yeah, so it appears that I was wrong about the whole "fairies are real" thing. So what? I mean, let's face it, no sane normal believes that fairies are real creatures, so it's not like I'm in the minority here. And, of course, thanks to the power of magic, I guess we'll be keeping it that way.

But, Summer makes a good point about other creatures existing within the Realm of Light Magic. If fairies can exist and keep themselves hidden from us for more than two years, wouldn't it make sense that there are other creatures inside that realm who might be waiting until the time is right to reveal themselves to us?

I can only imagine the types of creatures that might be living within the Realm of Light Magic. I asked Nikko about it, and he said that he wasn't aware of any, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. After all, when I've been out flying around the Realm of Light Magic, I swear I've seen something. Often, it seems like there are creatures floating among the clouds - like some sort of ghostly figures - but then when I strain to see if there really is anything there, it seems that whatever I was looking at has disappeared.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I highly doubt it. I'm willing to bet that there are indeed other creatures out there. Maybe they're waiting for the right time to introduce themselves to us, waiting to see if they can trust us, or just waiting until we need their help. But if we should need their help, that must mean we have gotten ourselves into some pretty deep trouble. Maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry to have the opportunity to meet them.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Wizard Summer
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I used to tell Jolie all the time that magic was real. She used to argue with me and fight with me and tell me I was stupid. And now, yep, I was right!

And I thought that was the only time in my life I was ever going to get to say that. But, you see, it turns out I was right again! Fairies are real, too! If you haven't read Rise of the Dead Magic yet, I'm sorry to spoil that surprise.

Of course, I could never have imagined that fairies were the creatures that made magic real. That came as quite a shock to me. To think that those diminutive little creatures are responsible for granting me my spark, well that's even more unbelievable. It seems that Nikko managed to keep that little bit of information from us, probably to protect Jolie's fragile ego. But now, we know they are there, and we know how to contact them.

Which leads to me to a very important question. If fairies are real, isn't it possible that there are other creatures that exist within the Realm of Light Magic? After all, we know that Balthazar has goblins and zombies and other twisted little creatures on his side. I wonder if that means there might be similar creatures that exist within the Realm of Light Magic.

Nikko might know the answer to that question, but I'll bet he won't tell us anything right now. I guess we'll just have to wait until the moment is right to learn whether or not there are other creatures in store for us to meet.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dead Magic

The Dead Magic is a powerful force indeed. It has the power to corrupt everything and everyone it touches. It can transform even the most benevolent person into a twisted, distorted version of his former self. I have seen it before, and I have tapped into that power on so many occasions.

Even the creatures I summon from the abyss are twisted and distorted. Goblins, trolls, ogres, and other creatures with the spark of the Dead Magic are driven to spread that dead magic wherever they go. In the natural world, enough creatures could transform a majestic forest into a desolate wasteland. Imagine what would happen to the natural world if the Lords of the Dead - like Jhophes and Skree - could have the freedom to spread their desolation with little resistance. If the wizards of the light magic were to die - all of them - then that allow the Dead Magic to have its day.

It is only a matter of time before another dark and desolate period occurs for the natural world, and I guarantee those dark times will be spawned by the Rise of the Dead Magic. And it will not be spawned just by some wizard and an army of goblins and zombies. No, it will be spawned by a wizard with an army of Lords of the Dead Magic. It will be spawned by transforming the normals in the natural world into twisted, distorted versions of themselves. It will be spawned by the inability of the light magic to protect the natural world.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

Wizard Reece
All this talk of gloom and doom by Balthazar makes me want to change the subject on this blog. So, instead, I would like to talk a little bit about the most fundamental part of being a wizard: Practice.

I'm sure you've all heard the expression, "Practice makes perfect." While I would be the first person normally to tell you I hate to practice anything (I get bored easily), when it comes to being a wizard, practice really does make perfect.

You see, every time we use our sparks - for anything - it makes it easier for us to tap into their power the next time. So every time Nikko makes us spend time training in the Arena, it helps our sparks grow, giving us access to even more powerful magic. It takes lots of time to grow a magical spark, and that's why we spend lots of time practicing. My sisters and I have even gotten to the point now where we can summon our weapons without concentrating much at all - all thanks to our practice. That frees us up to spend our focus and concentration on casting other more powerful spells. And in time, even many of those spells will be much easier to cast.

You see, our sparks don't last forever. We can't just keep casting spell after spell. Nikko likes to tell us they're like a glass of water. Every time we use them for something, the glass gets a little emptier. And to replenish them, we have to eat and rest. The more we practice, the more water our glass can hold. Of course, when we empty that fuller glass, it takes more time to fill it all the way up.

Of course, I'd rather have a half-full extra large glass of water than a completely full itty-bitty little glass of water, so I, for one, plan to keep practicing. Maybe someday, I'll have as powerful of a spark as Nikko.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jolie's Right

Wizard Nikko
I read what Jolie had to say about herself and her sisters. And quite frankly, I have to admit that she's right. I would never have guessed that those three girls could come so far in such a short period of time. And while they all still have much to learn, one could say the same thing about me. I'm new at this Teacher and Protector thing, and though I've been sparked for quite a long time, even I'm still learning new insights about the magic.

Heck, I remember my young days as a wizard. I nearly got myself killed on more than one occasion. Thankfully, I had a powerful Teacher and Protector named Burgess to protect me from my own incompetence. It probably took me twice as long (and maybe longer) to reach the same level that Summer, Jolie, and Reece have reached. And while I've already noted that I could never have envisioned a more powerful wizard than Burgess, I also still believe these girls are special. Only time will tell how this all plays out, but suffice it to say that I agree with Jolie. They need to have more faith in their skills and abilities. Their connection to the magic is strong, but self-doubt will only breed mistakes. Now, how to get them over their self-doubt, that is another matter entirely.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Two Need to Settle Down

Wizard Jolie
It appears my sisters are once again being a bit overly melodramatic, though I do think I have much better hair than Justin Bieber.

Unlike them, I worry about Balthazar's next big plan, but so far, we've been able to rise to the occasion. Reece and Summer make it sound like we're inept wizards who luck out every time we go into battle. They sure don't give themselves enough credit, and quite frankly that worries me more than Balthazar's next big plan.

Nikko has trained us well, and he continues to work with us to grow our sparks. On top of all that, we're fighting for more than just the natural world. We're fighting to protect each other. We're fighting to protect family. And that adds a whole new complexion to the battle against the dead magic.

Reece and Summer, it's time you two develop a little confidence in your abilities as wizards. We've got what it takes to keep the natural world safe for the time being. Let's not put ourselves into a panic attack worrying about the next thing that comes to Balthazar's twisted little mind. Let's focus on today and doing what we can to protect the natural world - and each other. We'll worry about tomorrow when we get there. Now please, chill out.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amen, Reece!

Wizard Summer
Reece said a mouthful! Nikko and Balthazar have done a fine job of getting me more than a bit anxious about things to come. I mean, let's face it, we haven't exactly hit the wizard scene like some kind of Justine Bieber "wannabe popular" act (although we have much better hair).

Heck, we're not even as flashy as Miley "bump and grind" Cyrus (I just can't bring myself to call her a twerker. Heck, if that's what we're fighting to protect, maybe it's time for the Dead Magic to just wipe some of that out).

I've been a wizard for a couple of years now, and quite frankly, I'm still kind of getting used to the idea. Sure, I've come a long way in a relatively short time, but heck, I've still got so much to learn. If Balthazar ups the stakes, we could be in for a quick, Lindsay Lohan fall from grace. And I'm not really all that eager to end up in the eternal rehab for wizards. No, thank you!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Boy, Men Like to Ramble

Wizard Reece
It's so hard to get a post on this stupid blog now that Nikko and Balthazar have started going back and forth. Sheesh!

All this talk about us having powerful sparks makes me a bit nervous. Nikko apparently sees something in us that I certainly don't see. And Balthazar sees the same thing? That's just absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see the next big step in his "take over the natural world" plan. If it's not goblins, skeletons, and zombies, what else is he gonna pull out of his little toy box?

I already mentioned that many of our battles could have gone either way. If Balthazar ups the ante and summons something even more powerful, that might turn the tide against us. And although Nikko apparently thinks this whole sacrifice thing is something that could be necessary some day, I'm not eager to see that day come. Pardon me, but he has had a nice long life as a wizard, while I'm just getting started. I would prefer to have a bit more time to actually enjoy this whole wizard thing before I have to sacrifice myself to pass my spark on to the next wizard. I'm not trying to sound selfish here, I'm just not all that eager to be the next sacrifice for our eternal battle.

And now, my sisters and I need to weasel our way back into this blog posting thing to keep our own anxiety lower because otherwise Nikko and Balthazar are going to ramble their way into causing me a panic attack.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Gotta Agree with Balthazar!

Wizard Nikko
Balthazar apparently noticed something that I, too, have noticed in the Three Wizards. They have come a long way in a very short time. They have a whole lot of potential, and sometimes it amazed me just how quickly they have developed. Of course, I still worry about them - they're my girls! But I sense in them the potential to become powerful wizards indeed.

And that's saying something, because I trained under Burgess. At the time, I couldn't envision a more powerful wizard than him. But now, I wonder if perhaps these girls have the potential to be even more powerful than he was.

Of course, I have to say that I am now also worried because Balthazar has sensed that I have about those Three Wizards. Upping the ante is not something I look forward to. The last time he did that, Burgess, Arturo, and Devon died. If he ups the ante even more this time, we could all be in trouble...

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Their Sparks are Powerful Indeed

When I first encountered Nikko as the Teacher and Protector, I noticed that he had acquired himself three new wizards of the light magic. I was surprised by how quickly they had manifested themselves and perhaps even more surprised by how quickly Nikko had transformed them into wizards who could survive a battle with me and my minions.

The last time Burgess had brought a new wizard into the fold - I do not even know what his name was - he managed to get killed pretty quickly. That had be the wizard who preceded Nikko as the Wizard of Fire. He lasted maybe two or three battles against me, but he was young and did not develop as a wizard quickly enough.

And so, the fact that Nikko had taken three young girls and developed them into wizards so quickly took me a bit by surprise. There seems to be something about them that is a bit unique. Perhaps it has something to do with them being related. Perhaps Nikko is a good Teacher. I have not quite put my finger on it yet, but I sense in them something that I have never sensed before. They have powerful sparks already, and yet they are so young. It makes me wonder if perhaps our eternal war has entered a new phase. If that is true, then perhaps I need to figure out my own way to up the ante. Perhaps it is time to seek out a few more powerful creatures to summon. That might give me the advantage I need against these wizards.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Wizard Nikko
Balthazar may think heroes are a dime a dozen, but I guess that means he doesn't really understand the concept of what a hero is. Let me start by saying I don't consider myself any sort of hero. I'm a Wizard of the Light Magic. I was called to protect the natural world with my spark. 

I've seen glimpses of what Balthazar desires for the natural world, and to me, that's just something I'm pretty sure the natural world would not appreciate very much. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you want to live in a world where the dead magic reigns supreme - even if it only lasts for a century - or even a year.

So, I don't do what I do because I'm any sort of hero. I have no delusions about my role in the eternal war. As long as there is no way to stop it - and believe me, I've looked for one - then I have to accept the fact that I am but the latest in possibly a long line of wizards. I am not the first, and I likely will not be the last. I will do what I have to do to keep the natural world safe as long as I am a wizard, and I will make whatever sacrifice I have to make to ensure darkness does not overwhelm the natural world on my watch. 

I don't think that makes me any sort of hero. I am one of the few people who have the power to keep something bad from happening where magic is concerned, and so that's what I choose to do. It's simply a matter of having the courage to do what is right.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Heroes are a Dime a Dozen

Hero - what a horribly overrated concept! I have met my fair share of supposed "heroes" in my time as a Wizard of the Dead Magic. They come in all shapes and sizes - young and old, male and female. But they all have one thing in common: eventually they all die. And I would like to add that a fair share of them have died at my hand.

In the eternal battle between the light magic and the dead magic, heroes are often required to make a sacrifice. But what difference does it make? It changes nothing. It has made it difficult for me to plunge the natural world into a lengthy state of darkness, but in the end, all it does is stave off the inevitable. The wizards of the light magic have spent millennia trying to keep the natural world safe. Eventually, they die, a sacrifice in the eternal battle, and the battle continues on without them.

But when your entire purpose of being is to keep something from happening without any way to truly end the threat permanently, eventually you will fail. Whatever it is - war, death, an eternal darkness - will find a way to overcome you. I may not be the wizard that ultimately succeeds in bringing about the prolonged darkness in the natural world - where the dead magic reigns supreme - but eventually the power of the dead magic will overcome the light. Order is nothing but a reaction to chaos, and that means chaos always has the upper hand.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Youngest Wizard

Wizard Reece
Being the youngest of the Three Wizards - and way, way younger than Nikko - hasn't always been easy. In fact, at times, it has sucked. It took a long time for any of them to start taking me and my powers seriously. They acted like, "Oh, we gotta protect little Reece. She's just a kid. We don't want the kid getting killed."

Well, guess what: my spark is every bit as strong as my sisters' sparks. And that's what guides us when we cast spells and even when we fight.

Nikko tells me that I'm not the youngest wizard ever. He said there was a boy several wizards ago who was only 11 years old when he became sparked. He apparently only lived to be about 15 before the Wizard of the Dead Magic managed to end his time as a wizard. I guess that's why Nikko worries so much about me. He doesn't want me to go down in wizard history as the shortest-lived wizard of water magic ever.

But I have to say, I can't help but think I'm meant to do something really important as a wizard. I was chosen for a reason, and I can't wait to figure out what the magic has in store for me. It's sure to be a wild ride.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Weapon of Choice

Wizard Summer
Early on as wizards, we spent a lot of time - and I mean like every waking moment - practicing, growing our sparks to a point where Nikko didn't feel we were a complete liability.

And during that time, we got to "play" with different versions of our weapons. Nikko instructed us that we needed to find a mental representation of our magic that worked for each of us, that synced well with our sparks. I played with the concept of a sword, but that just didn't sync well with me and the earth spark.

I eventually stumbled upon a staff, and that seemed to work a little better than some of the other weapons I tried to visualize. The problem with the staff, though, was that it was great for parrying attacks, but it just wasn't very good for actually dispelling any creatures of the dead magic.

Nikko encouraged me to take the staff - because it was a good starting point for me - and see if I couldn't improve its sync with me and my spark. Soon enough, I came up with what I use now. It's still a staff, so it's still good for parrying attacks, but it has blades at both ends. With my spark flowing through me, I can use it to slice and dice some of our favorites like goblins and zombies.

But with skeletons, the staff is every bit as useful as the blades. Knocking the head off a skeleton warrior doesn't require a sharp blade. It just requires enough force to to send it flying across the battlefield. While Reece may enjoy dispelling goblins the most, I have to say that there is something a bit self-satisfying about seeing a pile of bones crumple to the ground before exploding into dust.

So for me, the double-bladed staff I carry gives me just what I need. I can parry attacks, I can slice up a few creatures, and I can bludgeon when needed. And because it syncs so well with me and my spark, I now use very little of my spark to conjure my weapon. And that works for me!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excuse Me, But I Think You Are Mistaken

So, I have managed to come across these rather interesting entries written by Nikko and his obnoxious little wizards. It is true that they have managed to defeat me on quite a few occasions. However, I should remind you that I am but one wizard against four. And while the Dead Magic may be more concentrated inside of me than the Light Magic is inside of them, I am still but one wizard.

And, thanks to the Light Magic and that accursed abyss, I am forced to create my army one creature at a time. Most of the time, we are not talking about powerful creatures like trolls or ogres. No, most of the time, we are talking about weak, imbecilic creatures like goblins or zombies or skeletons. Sure, with enough of them I could probably overwhelm the wizards, but even my spark is not that strong. It would take me years to summon enough of them to have a fighting chance.

But when I have, I have managed to kill my fair share of wizards. My most recent victory - though short lived - was against Nikko's Teacher and Protector, Burgess and two of the Three Wizards. Were it not for Burgess' "heroic" sacrifice (pardon my disdain at that word), I would have killed them all and plunged the natural world into a century of darkness.

Think about some of the darkest or most war-ravaged times in your history - the Crusades, the bubonic plague, the conquests Julius Caesar - the Dead Magic has played a role in all of them.

And as soon as some of the Lords of the Dead are ready to be summoned, Nikko and the Three Wizards had better watch out because they will be ill-prepared to defeat the army I will summon. The natural world will then be plunged back into darkness and war once again.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Interesting Trip to Canada

Wizard Jolie
My sisters and I had been sparked by magic for a little over a year when we made our first trip to Canada. Nikko had sensed the presence of the Dead Magic there, and away we went.

We ended up in some frozen wasteland. The wind didn't bother me because I'm sparked by the Wind Magic, but it was still brutally cold even without the wind (I can't imagine how cold the others must have been).

Nikko used his magic to summon a wall of protective heat, but that only took away a bit of the chill. We slogged through the bitter cold and the snow that melted as we traveled through it (thanks in large part to Nikko's heat spell).

Eventually, we ended up locating Balthazar in a small town, trying to cast a spell that would transform the town's residents into some hideous creatures corrupted by the Dead Magic. It was some sort of dead magical energy field. Normals trapped within the field immediately became corrupted, transforming them into powerful, gray-skinned monstrosities.

The field began small and corrupted only a few residents, but it was growing outward. We tried not to kill any more of the town's residents than we had to, but by the time we arrived, there were already a dozen or so residents who had been corrupted. We tried like heck to keep from killing them, but that just wasn't possible. We had to fight our way into the corrupting magical field Balthazar had conjured.

Thankfully, our Light Magic sparks protected us from becoming corrupted when we entered the field. Summer almost lost her head trying to keep from killing one of the corrupted residents, but Reece came to her defense - and she was the first one to kill one of the corrupted normals.

In total, we were forced to kill three or four of them before we managed to make it to the center of the field. There, we faced off against several goblins and zombies, whose power had been increased because of Balthazar's spell.

As our sparks were beginning to run low, we finally managed to locate Balthazar. In the battle that ensued, I got myself close enough to injure him, but my spiked mace only caught him in the shoulder. He responded with a burst of dead magical energy that sent me reeling backwards from the force. By the time I regained my footing - and my senses - I realized that Balthazar was gone. He had escaped back to the Realm of Dead Magic, and though he was injured, I knew full well that his injury was not going to kill him. Perhaps if I had been more powerful, I could have fought through the burst of dead magical energy...but I wasn't. On the upside, though, once he fled, his field of magic dissipated, and the corrupted townspeople returned to normal. What was left of his minions were easy to defeat.

Of course, thanks to the power of magic, the townspeople's memories of what had happened became obscured, forming new "memories" of what had transpired - memories that didn't involve goblins, zombies, wizards, or magic - while we returned to Cloudline.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Fedora

Wizard Nikko
I haven't shared this story with the Three Wizards yet, but I thought I would explain where I got my fedora (you'll have to read Book 2 to find out about my eye patch).

Quite some time ago, back when I was just one of the Three Wizards, Burgess, my Teacher and Protector, sensed the presence of the Dead Magic inside the natural world. We ended up in some jungle region, trying to track down Balthazar and figure out what he had been up to.

As we moved through the jungle, we eventually arrived at a small town. There was a boy in the town who was trying to make a few extra bucks selling hats, though it didn't look like he was selling very many of them. Truth be told, I would guess that town didn't get a whole lot of visitors.

I felt sorry for the boy, and I purchased the only hat he had that interested me - a fedora. Though Devon and Arturo made a few jokes about it, it didn't much matter to me. I paid for it, put it on, and away we went.

We ended up finding Balthazar. He was attempting to revive some ancient dead warriors from a large burial ground. We ended up clashing with a host of goblins and skeletons, while Balthazar finished casting his spell.

That put us smack dab into the middle of a dangerous battle. Both Arturo and Devon figured it was the end for us, but Burgess cast a leviathan spell, summoning an enormously powerful creature composed entirely of water magic. That left Burgess nearly defenseless. He had tapped so much of his spark to summon the creature. I had never seen something so powerful in all my time as a wizard.

At that point, I made it my duty to defend my Teacher and Protector while the leviathan thinned out the battlefield for us. A wall of fire, my flame sword, and a few well-placed fireballs managed to keep the two of us alive while Devon and Arturo continued to battle some of the surviving creatures.

Eventually, Balthazar grew weak from his spells, and we managed to drive him back to the Realm of Dead Magic. We had survived, though I thought it might have been some sort of miracle. Devon, though, made a joke that it must have been my lucky fedora that saved the day. And from that moment onward, it became my lucky charm. I almost never went into battle without it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recharging Our Sparks

Wizard Summer
Using magic takes a lot out of a wizard. Our magic comes from this essence inside us called our spark. It's like an energy source that we can tap to cast spells and summon our weapons. The older we get and the more we practice, the more our spark grows.

Every time we cast a spell we use up some of our spark. It's definitely not an unlimited source of energy, that's for sure. Early on, I felt really used up at the end of almost every single battle. And when it's gone, you can't cast anything; not even a simple bridging spell will work.

We try to keep our sparks from getting depleted. And the two best ways to do that are by sleeping (my favorite activity) and eating. When we have really exhausted our sparks, we can sleep for a day, sometimes more, before we start to feel recharged. And then, we eat like we haven't eaten in months. It's amazing how much food you can consume when you're trying to replenish your spark. If I had eaten like that before I became a wizard, I would probably have weighed like six hundred pounds. But when your spark needs to be recharged, you can't seem to get enough calories. It's a little weird, and sometimes, it makes me feel a bit self-conscious. After all, I am a girl...

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Approach to Battle

Wizard Jolie
So, you already know I'm the Wizard of Wind Magic. And the wind magic allows me to do so many cool things. With so many options available, I like to take a very different approach to battle than the other wizards.

I typically rely on a mace made of compressed air as my main weapon (you can see it in my picture). And I will often surround myself with an armor made of the same stuff. It makes me feel a bit more protected. But in battle, I actually try to keep my distance. I use my magic to push enemies away and knock them off balance. When I slam them on their butts, that's a good time to swoop in and pound them with my mace. It provides them with a nice quick trip back to the abyss.

It's not as "in your face" as the magic that Reece and Nikko use. And wind magic doesn't offer nearly the kind of protection spells as Summer's earth magic. So, instead, I use my magic to keep myself moving and keep my enemies off balance. And if all else fails, I can take to the skies. We haven't encountered many creatures of the Dead Magic that have the ability to fly, so that gives me a huge advantage. And I take every advantage I can, especially since I'm still learning to become a powerful wizard.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By the Skin of Our Teeth

Wizard Reece
So, I've been a wizard now for a little over two years. It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun. I would say we've probably fought Balthazar dozens of times since I became sparked.

I know I talk a good game when it comes to fighting the creatures of the Dead Magic. But in reality, a lot of our battles could have gone either way. Whether it's Summer or Nikko or Jolie (or even me), it seems that one of us has always been able to come up with just the right spell or just the right play that has turned the battle in our favor.

For that I have to give credit to the Light Magic, and the powers that guide it. You see, we allow our sparks and the magic contained within them, to guide our actions when we're fighting. If you give me a regular sword without a water magic spark and then tell me to go battle some zombie warriors, well...I'm not gonna do much with it. In fact, I'd probably be dead in about two hot seconds.

But when I conjure my ice sword and shield and allow the water magic to guide me, that's an entirely different outcome. The water magic connects my weapons to the spark inside me, and my movements become fluid, effortless, and skillful. I can take out dozens of creatures, parrying and striking with ease and skill.

Were it not for the power of magic imbued within our weapons, I'm sure my sisters and I wouldn't have lasted very long as wizards. In fact, we might have won some award for having been killed more quickly than any other wizards in the history of this eternal battle. And Nikko would have gone down in wizard history as the worst Teacher and Protector of all time. I sure am glad that hasn't happened...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Taking the Wizards Into Battle

Wizard Nikko
So, I went off and found these three girls, trained them to become wizards, and now they're battle-hardened warriors?

Well, that's not even close to the way things went down!

Training took an awful lot of effort. I'd never trained a wizard before. I'd never been the Teacher and Protector, so I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, the power of the magic, of the sparks buried deep within those girls, helped them to learn what they needed to learn.

But that was only the magic side of things. There was also the personal part that goes along with being a wizard. Being connected to the magic does something to you, it gives you more confidence, it bolsters your sense of purpose. But within every wizard still resides a person.

Thankfully, Balthazar, the Wizard of the Dead Magic, had used up so much of his magic killing off Burgess, Devon, and Arturo that I had plenty of time to train those three girls. They weren't quite to my liking when I sensed the Dead Magic's presence in the natural world, but we don't get to pick and choose when it's time for battle.

They were scared to death, and I was terrified that all three of them were going to get themselves killed. I suppose Jolie was probably the most well composed of the three, but that's a bit like saying a robin is a more battle-hardened warrior than a fruit fly.

I had to spend a lot of time splitting my attention between directing traffic among the girls and lobbing fireballs at the goblin army Balthazar had summoned. I'm not sure what he was up to, but he did not anticipate running into me, now the Teacher and Protector, along with three newly-trained wizards.

By the end of the battle, the girls managed to steel their nerve. Reece was back to spouting witty remarks. Jolie had figured out how to use gusts of wind to send Balthazar's minions reeling. And Summer had managed to carve up her fair share of goblins. Once they let the magic take over, once they gave themselves fully to its guidance, they didn't do too badly - for their first time.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Realm of Light Magic

Wizard Summer
So, Jolie already mentioned Cloudline, our castle that floats above the Realm of Light Magic. But what she didn't tell you was that the Realm of Magic is absolutely beautiful. There are beautiful mountains that are covered with snow. There are lush green forests and meadows. There are lakes and rivers that are as blue as the bluest sapphire.

And I'm pretty sure there's other life down there. We know about the diminutive creatures that control the Realm of Magic (but you don't yet because you haven't read the book), and we know of a few other creatures that exist somewhere down there, but I've never seen any real indication that the realm is teeming with creatures. I find that hard to believe. I mean, if the Realm of Dead Magic can produce zombies and goblins, skeletons, and trolls, how come good versions of those creatures aren't roaming all over the Realm of Light Magic? I mentioned this to Jolie - expecting her to argue with me - but to my surprise, she swears she's seem something when she's been out in the realm. It seems more like a feeling than anything we've actually seen, but I bet we'll find out sooner or later that there's more to the Realm of Magic than we thought.

I only hope I like what we find!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bridging from Place to Place

Wizard Jolie
So, we generally live in the Realm of Light Magic. We have an enormous castle there - called Cloudline - that floats above the world below. But we have to go back and forth between there and the natural world. And to do that, we have to use a magical bridge.

Bridging is a spell that allows us to travel from place to place. Inside our castle is a room we call the Zero Room - it can focus a lot of light magic - and we cast a spell that creates a magical bridge. Using the Zero Room allows us to use much less of our spark to cast the spell. And from there, we can bridge to the Realm of Magic below or even back into the natural world (where we do most of our fighting).

Now, when you think of a bridge, you might think of the Golden Gate bridge or London Bridge or some other grand construction. Well, let me tell you, a bridging spell is nothing like that. It creates a portal that we physically move through. Usually, it feels instantaneous, and sometimes it is. But other times, hours can pass before we end up at our destination. No one seems to know why. Perhaps it's because certain places are more connected to the magic. Perhaps it has something to do with how much spark a wizard has available.

All I know is this: It works! It gets us from place to place. But, our bridging spell is only for wizards. We can't try to bridge normals - there's no telling what would happen. But since normals generally don't spend much time fighting those pesky creatures summoned from the abyss, I guess they don't have anything to worry about.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Wizard of the Dead Magic Has an Awful Lot of Power

Wizard Nikko
I'm sure it would seem like the Three Wizards and I wouldn't have much trouble stopping one Wizard of the Dead Magic. It seems logical, but it's not as easy as you might think.

You see, the Realm of Light Magic is just as strong as the Realm of Dead Magic. And that means that our Realm's power is divided up among all four of the Wizards of Light Magic. On top of that, eons ago, the hordes of the creatures that reside within the Realm of Dead Magic were banished to this place called the abyss. In some ways, it's sort of like a mystical prison that keeps the essence of these creatures trapped. They exist outside both the natural world and the Realm of Dead Magic. They can't free themselves on their own.

Right now, only the Wizard of the Dead Magic has the power to free creatures from the abyss. There are relatively weak creatures there, like goblins and zombies, that have a weak essence. It doesn't take the Wizard of the Dead Magic much effort to summon them. But there are also more powerful creatures, like trolls and ogres, who possess a much stronger essence - and much more power. Those take a whole lot more effort to summon, and that can quickly drain the wizard's spark.

But there are also a select few creatures within the abyss - Lords of the Dead - who have almost as much power as a wizard. They are the ultimate masters of many of their weaker counterparts. I would imagine there is a Lord of the Dead to lead goblins, one to lead zombies, and maybe countless more.

But I haven't had to fight any of them in the past. You see, it takes years - and sometimes even centuries - for the essence of a Lord of the Dead to be ready for summoning. And even then, a Wizard of the Dead Magic has to be strong enough to summon them. But if they are summoned, it can spell disaster for any Wizard of the Light Magic who happens to be around. Thankfully, I've never had to encounter one...