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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Being Able to Fly

Wizard Jolie
In my opinion, the wind magic is the coolest of the four types of magic that we possess. With it, I can make walls and barriers that are practically invisible. I can conjure gusts of wind to blow my enemies over the sides of buildings. But the coolest thing I can do with my gift has to be the ability to make myself fly.

I'll admit, the first time I did it, I was a little scared. After all, I was moving up higher and higher into the air with no net underneath me to catch me if I fell. But once I got used to the sensation, it was one of the most awesome feelings ever!

Of course, going up turned out to be the easy part. Steering while moving pretty quickly through the air took a bit of practice. Heck, once I even flew straight into the wall of the Arena in our castle. That really, really hurt! I tried to slow down and angle away from it, but I couldn't do it quick enough, and I slammed my right arm into the stone wall. It left quite the bruise on my forearm, though Nikko said I was lucky I didn't break it. I didn't feel so lucky, but I definitely learned from it. Now, I have this whole flying thing pretty much down. And it certainly gives me an advantage when we're fighting a host of goblins or skeletons who can't fly. They can't even touch me because I send them back to the abyss.

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