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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Goblins Are So Annoying!

Wizard Reece
Fighting goblins is one of my favorite things to do as a wizard. I know, you're sitting there wondering how a teenage girl could enjoy battling it out with creatures of the dead magic. Let me tell you, you get used to it after a while, and it just sort of becomes something you do. You either learn to take a bit of enjoyment out of it, or you freak out every time you go into battle.

I don't like fighting more powerful creatures like trolls, but goblins, I could tussle with them all day long. You see, the Wizard of the Dead Magic tends to summon them from the abyss a lot because he can summon lots of them using very little of his spark. And so he does...all the time.

They're small, orange colored, and ugly. They tend to fight using rusted metal swords or spears. And they're really, really, really annoying when they screech. Who in their right mind wouldn't love the chance to cause a few of them to explode into dust - just to make them shut up! And I'm in my right mind, so I love to give them a one-way ticket back to the abyss.

Whether I'm bashing them with my shield, slicing at them with my sword, or sending a dozen pointy little ice shards into a pack of them rushing toward us, my water magic is perfect for dispelling those diminutive little creatures. I really hate them, probably more than any other creature the Wizard of the Dead Magic summons. But, hey, at least they're easy enough to destroy!

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