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Sunday, August 11, 2013

In My Defense...

Wizard Jolie
So, I read what Reece said about me and being a bit too logical, so I figured I needed to chime in a bit. I may be a bit too logical. Yes, I used to argue with Summer about whether or not magic was real. But I used to her argue with about fairies, dragons, vampires, and other mystical things. So, it turns out I was wrong about some of them.

But, the one thing I adapted to well before my sisters was this whole fighting monsters thing. You see, the first time Nikko took us into battle, the three of us were scared beyond belief.

I thought Summer was going to pee her pants, and I think Reece was going to have an anxiety attack. But I was the one who stayed the coolest and calmest during that first battle with a bunch of goblins. In fact, Nikko told me I had acted more bravely than he ever could have possibly imagined.

So, while I may be a bit too logical sometimes (and I definitely admit to that), I'm the one wizard - maybe save for Nikko himself - that is most likely to stay calm in the middle of a battle. Speaking of Nikko, did I ever tell you about the time he fought the demonic kangaroos?

Wait a minute, I was just told that I can't tell you that story. Ugh! Well, I guess I'll have to save that for another time, unless you hear the story before I ever get back around to telling it again. Okay, gotta run. I'm famished. Fighting off zombies and skeletons works up quite an appetite. And eating and sleeping is the best way to replenish my spark. Which reminds me, my sister Summer is a master at sleeping. It gets so bad sometimes, that Reece has to wake her up with a splash...but I'll let her tell you all about it.

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