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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Name is Reece

Wizard Reece

Hi, my name is Reece, and I'm one of the Three Wizards. It's been a couple of years since I got sparked with the water magic, and let me tell you, it's been quite an interesting time in my life. You see, I was 11 when this weird guy with an eye patch came to the orphanage, claiming to be the long-long uncle of my sisters and I.

Well, I guess I need to explain the whole orphanage thing. You see, our parents - Jolie and Summer are my sisters - died a long time ago. And, well, there wasn't anyone to look after us, so we ended up in an orphanage. It wasn't so bad after a while. And the lady that took care of us was really nice. Anywho, we were going to stay there until we were old enough to "escape" (that's what all the kids called it it), but then, one night, my sisters and I became surrounded in this weird light. We didn't feel strange, and it didn't seem to hurt any of us, and in fact, it fixed Jolie's eyes she didn't need glasses anymore. Not long after that, this strange man shows up. He looks all scary and stuff, with an eye patch, a fedora, and this goatee. He was like a character out of an old movie we used to watch on T.V. Anyway, he convinced the fine lady at the orphanage that he was our Uncle Nikko. To us, he seemed like some long-lost scary, serial-killer uncle. And well, after we left the orphanage, things got even weirder than any of us could have possibly imagined.

It turned out Nikko wasn't our uncle after all. He was the Wizard of Fire Magic, and he was destined to become our Teacher and Protector. I was pretty cool with that, but Jolie - it took her a while to wrap her mind around this whole magic thing. I love my sister, but she can be a bit too logical sometimes.

So, I learned that I was the Wizard of Water Magic. Pretty cool huh? I wasn't real strong at first, but after a lot of practice - and I mean a lot - I learned some spells. I mean, I could actually feel my spark growing. The weird thing was, time seemed to go super slow when we were in the Realm of Magic. Like a year passed by there but only a couple of months went by back in the natural world (that's the place you would call where you live). Nikko said it was the power of magic at work. Little did we know that it was really the power of some diminutive little creatures at work - you gotta read the book to learn about them.

Well, it wasn't long before we ended up meeting Balthazar, the Wizard of the Dead Magic, for the first time. That was a nerve-wracking experience, but that's a story for another time. Gotta run! Nikko says it's time to go practice in the arena!

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