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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Eternal Battle

Wizard Reece
I've only been a wizard for a couple of years. I've learned a ton during that time, mostly because the diminutive little creatures that the feed the Realm of Light Magic willed time to pass slowly while we trained - but I've already told you about that.

Well, it seems that Wizards of the Light Magic and Wizards of the Dead Magic have been dueling it out for several millenia. We weren't the first of the Three Wizards, and sadly enough, I doubt we'll be the last.

I haven't figured out why this eternal battle has to continue. Wizards battle it out, and when they die, their power just passes on to someone new. Seems a bit crazy to me, but anytime I ask about it, all I keep getting told is that "it's just the way of things." Hmm, I think that's just a way of saying, "I'd rather not tell you" or "I have absolutely no idea." Either way, I think that answer is stupid. Nikko says he's been searching the Tomes of Magic for a long time, trying to figure out a way to bring the eternal battle to an end, but so far, he's come up with nothing.

And that means that my sisters and I have to carry on the legacy that began a long, long, long, long time ago (and maybe even longer ago than that). Well, I sure ain't gonna let the Wizard of the Dead Magic turn my world into a desolate wasteland where zombies and goblins and other ugly, stinky creatures roam around free to kill normal people (we call them normals, by the way). No, I would rather give the natural world a fighting chance. And though it took me some time to get used to the idea, that means I have to fight - the next wizard in the eternal battle. Ugh!

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