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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Realm of Light Magic

Wizard Summer
So, Jolie already mentioned Cloudline, our castle that floats above the Realm of Light Magic. But what she didn't tell you was that the Realm of Magic is absolutely beautiful. There are beautiful mountains that are covered with snow. There are lush green forests and meadows. There are lakes and rivers that are as blue as the bluest sapphire.

And I'm pretty sure there's other life down there. We know about the diminutive creatures that control the Realm of Magic (but you don't yet because you haven't read the book), and we know of a few other creatures that exist somewhere down there, but I've never seen any real indication that the realm is teeming with creatures. I find that hard to believe. I mean, if the Realm of Dead Magic can produce zombies and goblins, skeletons, and trolls, how come good versions of those creatures aren't roaming all over the Realm of Light Magic? I mentioned this to Jolie - expecting her to argue with me - but to my surprise, she swears she's seem something when she's been out in the realm. It seems more like a feeling than anything we've actually seen, but I bet we'll find out sooner or later that there's more to the Realm of Magic than we thought.

I only hope I like what we find!

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