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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When in Rome...

Wizard Nikko
As a wizard, we have a host of spells that are available to us. But, each of us has our own unique spells that corresponds to our own unique type of magic. One of the more useful spells that comes from the fire magic is not used for attack or defense. Rather, it is a spell of tongues - a translation spell. I've used it more times than I can count over the years. Most recently, I had to cast the spell when we were in Paris. You see, none of us speaks French, but with the spell of tongues, none of us needs to speak French. We could understand everything people said, and they could understand everything we said. We could even read French if we needed to. Don't ask me how it works - it just does. That's the power of magic.

The weird thing about magic, though, is that when we spend enough time in a given area or interacting with people who speak a certain language, eventually the need to cast the translation spell disappears. Over time, the magic gives a wizard - any wizard - the ability to speak that language without any effort whatsoever. That's how I came to learn English. You see, I actually grew up speaking Austrian and Latin. I was born in Salzburg, Austria. But Burgess, my Teacher and Protector, was from America. Arturo was from Mexico, and Devon was from England. After some time, the four of us became fluent in all those languages, though we used English more often than not.

Of course, once I became the Teacher and Protector, the Three Wizards turned out to be all from the same country - the United States. So, again, English continued to be the language of the day. But occasionally, we end up in places where we need to speak something other than English, and that's why I'm glad we have the spell of tongues.

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