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Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Interesting Trip to Canada

Wizard Jolie
My sisters and I had been sparked by magic for a little over a year when we made our first trip to Canada. Nikko had sensed the presence of the Dead Magic there, and away we went.

We ended up in some frozen wasteland. The wind didn't bother me because I'm sparked by the Wind Magic, but it was still brutally cold even without the wind (I can't imagine how cold the others must have been).

Nikko used his magic to summon a wall of protective heat, but that only took away a bit of the chill. We slogged through the bitter cold and the snow that melted as we traveled through it (thanks in large part to Nikko's heat spell).

Eventually, we ended up locating Balthazar in a small town, trying to cast a spell that would transform the town's residents into some hideous creatures corrupted by the Dead Magic. It was some sort of dead magical energy field. Normals trapped within the field immediately became corrupted, transforming them into powerful, gray-skinned monstrosities.

The field began small and corrupted only a few residents, but it was growing outward. We tried not to kill any more of the town's residents than we had to, but by the time we arrived, there were already a dozen or so residents who had been corrupted. We tried like heck to keep from killing them, but that just wasn't possible. We had to fight our way into the corrupting magical field Balthazar had conjured.

Thankfully, our Light Magic sparks protected us from becoming corrupted when we entered the field. Summer almost lost her head trying to keep from killing one of the corrupted residents, but Reece came to her defense - and she was the first one to kill one of the corrupted normals.

In total, we were forced to kill three or four of them before we managed to make it to the center of the field. There, we faced off against several goblins and zombies, whose power had been increased because of Balthazar's spell.

As our sparks were beginning to run low, we finally managed to locate Balthazar. In the battle that ensued, I got myself close enough to injure him, but my spiked mace only caught him in the shoulder. He responded with a burst of dead magical energy that sent me reeling backwards from the force. By the time I regained my footing - and my senses - I realized that Balthazar was gone. He had escaped back to the Realm of Dead Magic, and though he was injured, I knew full well that his injury was not going to kill him. Perhaps if I had been more powerful, I could have fought through the burst of dead magical energy...but I wasn't. On the upside, though, once he fled, his field of magic dissipated, and the corrupted townspeople returned to normal. What was left of his minions were easy to defeat.

Of course, thanks to the power of magic, the townspeople's memories of what had happened became obscured, forming new "memories" of what had transpired - memories that didn't involve goblins, zombies, wizards, or magic - while we returned to Cloudline.

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