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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By the Skin of Our Teeth

Wizard Reece
So, I've been a wizard now for a little over two years. It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun. I would say we've probably fought Balthazar dozens of times since I became sparked.

I know I talk a good game when it comes to fighting the creatures of the Dead Magic. But in reality, a lot of our battles could have gone either way. Whether it's Summer or Nikko or Jolie (or even me), it seems that one of us has always been able to come up with just the right spell or just the right play that has turned the battle in our favor.

For that I have to give credit to the Light Magic, and the powers that guide it. You see, we allow our sparks and the magic contained within them, to guide our actions when we're fighting. If you give me a regular sword without a water magic spark and then tell me to go battle some zombie warriors, well...I'm not gonna do much with it. In fact, I'd probably be dead in about two hot seconds.

But when I conjure my ice sword and shield and allow the water magic to guide me, that's an entirely different outcome. The water magic connects my weapons to the spark inside me, and my movements become fluid, effortless, and skillful. I can take out dozens of creatures, parrying and striking with ease and skill.

Were it not for the power of magic imbued within our weapons, I'm sure my sisters and I wouldn't have lasted very long as wizards. In fact, we might have won some award for having been killed more quickly than any other wizards in the history of this eternal battle. And Nikko would have gone down in wizard history as the worst Teacher and Protector of all time. I sure am glad that hasn't happened...

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