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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Heroes are a Dime a Dozen

Hero - what a horribly overrated concept! I have met my fair share of supposed "heroes" in my time as a Wizard of the Dead Magic. They come in all shapes and sizes - young and old, male and female. But they all have one thing in common: eventually they all die. And I would like to add that a fair share of them have died at my hand.

In the eternal battle between the light magic and the dead magic, heroes are often required to make a sacrifice. But what difference does it make? It changes nothing. It has made it difficult for me to plunge the natural world into a lengthy state of darkness, but in the end, all it does is stave off the inevitable. The wizards of the light magic have spent millennia trying to keep the natural world safe. Eventually, they die, a sacrifice in the eternal battle, and the battle continues on without them.

But when your entire purpose of being is to keep something from happening without any way to truly end the threat permanently, eventually you will fail. Whatever it is - war, death, an eternal darkness - will find a way to overcome you. I may not be the wizard that ultimately succeeds in bringing about the prolonged darkness in the natural world - where the dead magic reigns supreme - but eventually the power of the dead magic will overcome the light. Order is nothing but a reaction to chaos, and that means chaos always has the upper hand.

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