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Friday, September 6, 2013

My Approach to Battle

Wizard Jolie
So, you already know I'm the Wizard of Wind Magic. And the wind magic allows me to do so many cool things. With so many options available, I like to take a very different approach to battle than the other wizards.

I typically rely on a mace made of compressed air as my main weapon (you can see it in my picture). And I will often surround myself with an armor made of the same stuff. It makes me feel a bit more protected. But in battle, I actually try to keep my distance. I use my magic to push enemies away and knock them off balance. When I slam them on their butts, that's a good time to swoop in and pound them with my mace. It provides them with a nice quick trip back to the abyss.

It's not as "in your face" as the magic that Reece and Nikko use. And wind magic doesn't offer nearly the kind of protection spells as Summer's earth magic. So, instead, I use my magic to keep myself moving and keep my enemies off balance. And if all else fails, I can take to the skies. We haven't encountered many creatures of the Dead Magic that have the ability to fly, so that gives me a huge advantage. And I take every advantage I can, especially since I'm still learning to become a powerful wizard.

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