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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Fedora

Wizard Nikko
I haven't shared this story with the Three Wizards yet, but I thought I would explain where I got my fedora (you'll have to read Book 2 to find out about my eye patch).

Quite some time ago, back when I was just one of the Three Wizards, Burgess, my Teacher and Protector, sensed the presence of the Dead Magic inside the natural world. We ended up in some jungle region, trying to track down Balthazar and figure out what he had been up to.

As we moved through the jungle, we eventually arrived at a small town. There was a boy in the town who was trying to make a few extra bucks selling hats, though it didn't look like he was selling very many of them. Truth be told, I would guess that town didn't get a whole lot of visitors.

I felt sorry for the boy, and I purchased the only hat he had that interested me - a fedora. Though Devon and Arturo made a few jokes about it, it didn't much matter to me. I paid for it, put it on, and away we went.

We ended up finding Balthazar. He was attempting to revive some ancient dead warriors from a large burial ground. We ended up clashing with a host of goblins and skeletons, while Balthazar finished casting his spell.

That put us smack dab into the middle of a dangerous battle. Both Arturo and Devon figured it was the end for us, but Burgess cast a leviathan spell, summoning an enormously powerful creature composed entirely of water magic. That left Burgess nearly defenseless. He had tapped so much of his spark to summon the creature. I had never seen something so powerful in all my time as a wizard.

At that point, I made it my duty to defend my Teacher and Protector while the leviathan thinned out the battlefield for us. A wall of fire, my flame sword, and a few well-placed fireballs managed to keep the two of us alive while Devon and Arturo continued to battle some of the surviving creatures.

Eventually, Balthazar grew weak from his spells, and we managed to drive him back to the Realm of Dead Magic. We had survived, though I thought it might have been some sort of miracle. Devon, though, made a joke that it must have been my lucky fedora that saved the day. And from that moment onward, it became my lucky charm. I almost never went into battle without it.

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