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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Weapon of Choice

Wizard Summer
Early on as wizards, we spent a lot of time - and I mean like every waking moment - practicing, growing our sparks to a point where Nikko didn't feel we were a complete liability.

And during that time, we got to "play" with different versions of our weapons. Nikko instructed us that we needed to find a mental representation of our magic that worked for each of us, that synced well with our sparks. I played with the concept of a sword, but that just didn't sync well with me and the earth spark.

I eventually stumbled upon a staff, and that seemed to work a little better than some of the other weapons I tried to visualize. The problem with the staff, though, was that it was great for parrying attacks, but it just wasn't very good for actually dispelling any creatures of the dead magic.

Nikko encouraged me to take the staff - because it was a good starting point for me - and see if I couldn't improve its sync with me and my spark. Soon enough, I came up with what I use now. It's still a staff, so it's still good for parrying attacks, but it has blades at both ends. With my spark flowing through me, I can use it to slice and dice some of our favorites like goblins and zombies.

But with skeletons, the staff is every bit as useful as the blades. Knocking the head off a skeleton warrior doesn't require a sharp blade. It just requires enough force to to send it flying across the battlefield. While Reece may enjoy dispelling goblins the most, I have to say that there is something a bit self-satisfying about seeing a pile of bones crumple to the ground before exploding into dust.

So for me, the double-bladed staff I carry gives me just what I need. I can parry attacks, I can slice up a few creatures, and I can bludgeon when needed. And because it syncs so well with me and my spark, I now use very little of my spark to conjure my weapon. And that works for me!

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