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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recharging Our Sparks

Wizard Summer
Using magic takes a lot out of a wizard. Our magic comes from this essence inside us called our spark. It's like an energy source that we can tap to cast spells and summon our weapons. The older we get and the more we practice, the more our spark grows.

Every time we cast a spell we use up some of our spark. It's definitely not an unlimited source of energy, that's for sure. Early on, I felt really used up at the end of almost every single battle. And when it's gone, you can't cast anything; not even a simple bridging spell will work.

We try to keep our sparks from getting depleted. And the two best ways to do that are by sleeping (my favorite activity) and eating. When we have really exhausted our sparks, we can sleep for a day, sometimes more, before we start to feel recharged. And then, we eat like we haven't eaten in months. It's amazing how much food you can consume when you're trying to replenish your spark. If I had eaten like that before I became a wizard, I would probably have weighed like six hundred pounds. But when your spark needs to be recharged, you can't seem to get enough calories. It's a little weird, and sometimes, it makes me feel a bit self-conscious. After all, I am a girl...

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