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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dead Magic

The Dead Magic is a powerful force indeed. It has the power to corrupt everything and everyone it touches. It can transform even the most benevolent person into a twisted, distorted version of his former self. I have seen it before, and I have tapped into that power on so many occasions.

Even the creatures I summon from the abyss are twisted and distorted. Goblins, trolls, ogres, and other creatures with the spark of the Dead Magic are driven to spread that dead magic wherever they go. In the natural world, enough creatures could transform a majestic forest into a desolate wasteland. Imagine what would happen to the natural world if the Lords of the Dead - like Jhophes and Skree - could have the freedom to spread their desolation with little resistance. If the wizards of the light magic were to die - all of them - then that allow the Dead Magic to have its day.

It is only a matter of time before another dark and desolate period occurs for the natural world, and I guarantee those dark times will be spawned by the Rise of the Dead Magic. And it will not be spawned just by some wizard and an army of goblins and zombies. No, it will be spawned by a wizard with an army of Lords of the Dead Magic. It will be spawned by transforming the normals in the natural world into twisted, distorted versions of themselves. It will be spawned by the inability of the light magic to protect the natural world.

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