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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Their Sparks are Powerful Indeed

When I first encountered Nikko as the Teacher and Protector, I noticed that he had acquired himself three new wizards of the light magic. I was surprised by how quickly they had manifested themselves and perhaps even more surprised by how quickly Nikko had transformed them into wizards who could survive a battle with me and my minions.

The last time Burgess had brought a new wizard into the fold - I do not even know what his name was - he managed to get killed pretty quickly. That had be the wizard who preceded Nikko as the Wizard of Fire. He lasted maybe two or three battles against me, but he was young and did not develop as a wizard quickly enough.

And so, the fact that Nikko had taken three young girls and developed them into wizards so quickly took me a bit by surprise. There seems to be something about them that is a bit unique. Perhaps it has something to do with them being related. Perhaps Nikko is a good Teacher. I have not quite put my finger on it yet, but I sense in them something that I have never sensed before. They have powerful sparks already, and yet they are so young. It makes me wonder if perhaps our eternal war has entered a new phase. If that is true, then perhaps I need to figure out my own way to up the ante. Perhaps it is time to seek out a few more powerful creatures to summon. That might give me the advantage I need against these wizards.

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