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Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Two Need to Settle Down

Wizard Jolie
It appears my sisters are once again being a bit overly melodramatic, though I do think I have much better hair than Justin Bieber.

Unlike them, I worry about Balthazar's next big plan, but so far, we've been able to rise to the occasion. Reece and Summer make it sound like we're inept wizards who luck out every time we go into battle. They sure don't give themselves enough credit, and quite frankly that worries me more than Balthazar's next big plan.

Nikko has trained us well, and he continues to work with us to grow our sparks. On top of all that, we're fighting for more than just the natural world. We're fighting to protect each other. We're fighting to protect family. And that adds a whole new complexion to the battle against the dead magic.

Reece and Summer, it's time you two develop a little confidence in your abilities as wizards. We've got what it takes to keep the natural world safe for the time being. Let's not put ourselves into a panic attack worrying about the next thing that comes to Balthazar's twisted little mind. Let's focus on today and doing what we can to protect the natural world - and each other. We'll worry about tomorrow when we get there. Now please, chill out.

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