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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We recently learned about the importance of artifacts in the history of magic. It seems a wizard can imbue an object, like a sword, a ring, bracelets, or some other object, with a magical spark of its own. Then, the wizard can tap into the magic imbued within the artifact to do something specific without having to use her own spark.

Wizards of the past created these artifacts. Most can only be used by a wizard of a certain type of magic - and if an artifact is sparked with one type of magic, a wizard sparked with a different type of magic cannot wield or even touch the artifact.

But it seems the creation of artifacts is not an easy process. Even Nikko, who's been sparked for quite some time, has not yet perfected the ability. Apparently, it takes quite a bit of time and quite a bit of adeptness to create such a powerful tool. I wonder if any artifacts from the past are still out there and whether we might be able to acquire some to help us in our battle against the dead magic. I'm sure they would come in quite handy for us.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hall of Wizards

Inside the Castle Cloudline, there is a majestic room known as the Hall of Wizards. The hall contains the essence of every wizard of the light magic who has ever been sparked. It is a place so saturated with magic that simply stepping inside the room could cause a wizard to burn up nearly instantly - if you don't know what you're doing.

You see, it takes special preparation before you can successfully enter the hall. A wizard must first have a sufficiently powerful spark that it can withstand the constant flood of magic that will buffet him once he enters.

And that's the real trick to all of it. Before I can enter the Hall of Wizards, I must first release all the magic that has built up within my spark. I must become nearly depleted, so that when I enter and the magic begins to pour into me, my spark can withstand the surge. Otherwise, the magic will flow into my spark, cause it to overflow, and then it will consume me.

It took me years to learn the techniques necessary to enter the Hall of Wizards. So far, I have refused to allow Summer, Jolie, or Reece to enter with me. I can't run the risk of the magic of the hall consuming them. In time, I will teach them the proper way to prepare, I will teach them how to enter the hall, and they will benefit from its many insights.

You see, when I have a question about anything related to the history of magic, sometimes the fairies are not the most forthcoming with the information I need. But the wizards from the past often have insights to offer, and so I will consult with one of them. I have consulted with many such wizards, and they always provide unique insights. They are another resource at the disposal of the wizards of the light magic.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Wizard Reece
Wouldn't it be great for a wizard to have kids? Then, we could be running around with a bunch of babies sparked by magic! Wouldn't life be grand?

Well, that isn't ever going to happen! You see, once a person becomes sparked with the magic, they can't have kids. At least that's what Nikko tells me.

And it's interesting that the fairies in general select people to be their wizards who don't really have any family. In my case, all the people from my family were actually sparked by the fairies. At the time, it was just us three girls. Our parents died when we were young, and we were living in an orphanage. According to Nikko, the same thing happened to him. He was all alone when he became sparked by the magic.

The fairies need to ensure the people they spark can be focused only on safeguarding the natural world. Distractions would only serve to get in the way of that, and that usually means a wizard wouldn't last very long. If your loyalty is split between the Realm of Light Magic and your family back in the natural world, then your training would suffer and you would be a liability to the other wizards.

In a way, the fairies choosing to spark three sisters may prove to be their best move yet. Not only are we loyal to Nikko and the fairies, but we're loyal to each other. And that means the fairies can always count on us to have each other's backs and to do whatever we can to keep each other alive. I wonder if the fairies counted on that when they chose to spark us. I suspect I'll never truly find out the answer to that.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013


So, I saw that Summer recently wrote about the fairies. Well, in the Realm of Dead Magic, fairies are called Sprites. They are the ones who spark the dead magic, and they are manipulative little creatures. They can convince even a good-natured person to accept their corrupting power.

With only one wizard to work with, Sprites ensure that each new Wizard of the Dead Magic is properly trained and infused with the Dead Magic. They must manipulate a potential wizard to accept the spark of the dead magic. Once that happens, the wizard quickly acquires enough of a spark to be transported to the Realm of Dead Magic.

And that's when the training begins. Even after all this time, I still remember my training. It seemed to last forever. I replaced the Wizard Bahmet, who was the Wizard of the Dead Magic for only 35 years, killed by a Wizard of Fire Magic named Cristobal and his Teacher and Protector, Veronica, a Wizard of Wind Magic. To his credit, though, in that same battle, Bahmet had managed to kill both the Wizard of Earth Magic and the Wizard of Water Magic.

It was after Bahmet's death that the Sprites convinced me to accept their power. It took me over a year to be prepared to do what needed to be done in the natural world. And one year after that, I had killed both Cristobal and Veronica, though the two youngling wizards they had recently trained managed to get away. My power had grown strong in a very short period of time, I was ready to be the Wizard of the Dead Magic, and I was a force to be reckoned with for the next 500 years.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wizard Summer
Normals - that is the term we use to describe people in the natural world who have no magical gifts. They are the people who go about their lives, unaware of the existence of magic. And more importantly for us, they are unaware of the existence of actual wizards.

It's funny to me how magic can twist people's sense of reality. We have been involved in lots of battles that occur near people. I mean, just in our exploits in Rise of the Dead Magic, we go to Paris, Athens, and lots of other places. You would think that after all this time, normals would have figured out we exist.

But that's where the power of magic comes in. You see, the fairies and the magic they used to spark our world are amazingly powerful. Magic has the ability to mess with people's minds. When magic is in the area, normals' memories get twisted and reshaped, so that it better fits their sense of reality. Invasions by creatures of the dead magic get wiped from their minds, leaving holes in their memories or filling in those holes with moments that never existed. When a normal dies during one of our battles, that memory gets replaced by one of a random act of violence perpetrated by another normal, not by some creature of the dead magic. Unsolved crimes are sometimes unsolvable because the power of magic makes them so. Sometimes, residual memories exist, though, and they can spark the imaginations of those who experienced a magical event. They usually come out in interesting ways - in fantasy books, websites, and even online games.

Of course, we also have rules of engagement. We are not supposed to begin our magical battles while normals are around - that helps to protect the secrets of magic. Even the Wizard of the Dead Magic is bound by that rule. Sometimes, though, normals do encounter us directly and see us cast one of our spells. When that happens, magic cannot affect their memories. They usually end up not surviving very long, though, because that usually means they stumbled across a battle between the wizards. Those that do, though, often end up telling their stories to the tabloids, but the rest of the natural world ends up thinking the story was just made up. And once again, magic maintains its secrecy.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prepare Your Weapons

Wizard Nikko
I thought this might be a good time to fill everybody in on the weapons we use in battle. I could have left this up to one of the other wizards, but I figured as the Teacher and Protector, it was my job to take the lead.

As you all know by now, I am the Wizard of Fire. For me, a fire sword has developed as the weapon most easily conjured. The sword is quite useful. It provides light, which allows me to fight relatively easily even in a darkened place. And it is a powerful emanation of fire magic, meaning that I can use it to effectively dispel a number of Balthazar's minions. Of course, when it comes to slaying powerful creatures, my flame sword has proven to be ineffective. And that's where I need to summon something more powerful - using the combined power of all of the wizards of the light magic.

Summer's weapon of choice is a double-bladed staff. It actually works quite well with her type of magic. She is a healing wizard by nature, relying largely on the protective power of the earth magic to keep creatures at bay (and spear some with a few of her spells). Her staff is useful because it can be used to keep creatures far enough away from Summer that she can cast the types of spells she needs to cast to be effective.

Jolie's weapon of choice is a mace. Though a mace may not seem like a powerful weapon, Jolie's mace is a strong emanation of her wind magic. Coupled with the armor she can summon and her ability to fly, Jolie can wield her mace in ways none of the other wizards ever could.

And finally, Reece's weapon of choice is a sword made of ice. But because water can freeze, Reece is also able to summon an ice shield to protect her from oncoming attacks, quite a nice complement to her sword. That is something I wish I could conjure, but I don't think a fire shield is going to stop much of anything. Having her shield allows Reece to engage her enemies in vastly different ways than I do, and that allows us greater flexibility in how we fight as a team.

And that's the most important aspect of the weapons we conjure for battle. They really play to our strengths and allow us to leverage our magic in the best ways possible. Our other spells really complement the use of those weapons, and that is why I feel confident going into battle.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fairies Are Real - So What?

Wizard Jolie
Yeah, so it appears that I was wrong about the whole "fairies are real" thing. So what? I mean, let's face it, no sane normal believes that fairies are real creatures, so it's not like I'm in the minority here. And, of course, thanks to the power of magic, I guess we'll be keeping it that way.

But, Summer makes a good point about other creatures existing within the Realm of Light Magic. If fairies can exist and keep themselves hidden from us for more than two years, wouldn't it make sense that there are other creatures inside that realm who might be waiting until the time is right to reveal themselves to us?

I can only imagine the types of creatures that might be living within the Realm of Light Magic. I asked Nikko about it, and he said that he wasn't aware of any, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. After all, when I've been out flying around the Realm of Light Magic, I swear I've seen something. Often, it seems like there are creatures floating among the clouds - like some sort of ghostly figures - but then when I strain to see if there really is anything there, it seems that whatever I was looking at has disappeared.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I highly doubt it. I'm willing to bet that there are indeed other creatures out there. Maybe they're waiting for the right time to introduce themselves to us, waiting to see if they can trust us, or just waiting until we need their help. But if we should need their help, that must mean we have gotten ourselves into some pretty deep trouble. Maybe I shouldn't be in such a hurry to have the opportunity to meet them.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Free Signed Three Wizards Prize Package!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Wizard Summer
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I used to tell Jolie all the time that magic was real. She used to argue with me and fight with me and tell me I was stupid. And now, yep, I was right!

And I thought that was the only time in my life I was ever going to get to say that. But, you see, it turns out I was right again! Fairies are real, too! If you haven't read Rise of the Dead Magic yet, I'm sorry to spoil that surprise.

Of course, I could never have imagined that fairies were the creatures that made magic real. That came as quite a shock to me. To think that those diminutive little creatures are responsible for granting me my spark, well that's even more unbelievable. It seems that Nikko managed to keep that little bit of information from us, probably to protect Jolie's fragile ego. But now, we know they are there, and we know how to contact them.

Which leads to me to a very important question. If fairies are real, isn't it possible that there are other creatures that exist within the Realm of Light Magic? After all, we know that Balthazar has goblins and zombies and other twisted little creatures on his side. I wonder if that means there might be similar creatures that exist within the Realm of Light Magic.

Nikko might know the answer to that question, but I'll bet he won't tell us anything right now. I guess we'll just have to wait until the moment is right to learn whether or not there are other creatures in store for us to meet.

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