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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hall of Wizards

Inside the Castle Cloudline, there is a majestic room known as the Hall of Wizards. The hall contains the essence of every wizard of the light magic who has ever been sparked. It is a place so saturated with magic that simply stepping inside the room could cause a wizard to burn up nearly instantly - if you don't know what you're doing.

You see, it takes special preparation before you can successfully enter the hall. A wizard must first have a sufficiently powerful spark that it can withstand the constant flood of magic that will buffet him once he enters.

And that's the real trick to all of it. Before I can enter the Hall of Wizards, I must first release all the magic that has built up within my spark. I must become nearly depleted, so that when I enter and the magic begins to pour into me, my spark can withstand the surge. Otherwise, the magic will flow into my spark, cause it to overflow, and then it will consume me.

It took me years to learn the techniques necessary to enter the Hall of Wizards. So far, I have refused to allow Summer, Jolie, or Reece to enter with me. I can't run the risk of the magic of the hall consuming them. In time, I will teach them the proper way to prepare, I will teach them how to enter the hall, and they will benefit from its many insights.

You see, when I have a question about anything related to the history of magic, sometimes the fairies are not the most forthcoming with the information I need. But the wizards from the past often have insights to offer, and so I will consult with one of them. I have consulted with many such wizards, and they always provide unique insights. They are another resource at the disposal of the wizards of the light magic.

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