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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Wizard Reece
Wouldn't it be great for a wizard to have kids? Then, we could be running around with a bunch of babies sparked by magic! Wouldn't life be grand?

Well, that isn't ever going to happen! You see, once a person becomes sparked with the magic, they can't have kids. At least that's what Nikko tells me.

And it's interesting that the fairies in general select people to be their wizards who don't really have any family. In my case, all the people from my family were actually sparked by the fairies. At the time, it was just us three girls. Our parents died when we were young, and we were living in an orphanage. According to Nikko, the same thing happened to him. He was all alone when he became sparked by the magic.

The fairies need to ensure the people they spark can be focused only on safeguarding the natural world. Distractions would only serve to get in the way of that, and that usually means a wizard wouldn't last very long. If your loyalty is split between the Realm of Light Magic and your family back in the natural world, then your training would suffer and you would be a liability to the other wizards.

In a way, the fairies choosing to spark three sisters may prove to be their best move yet. Not only are we loyal to Nikko and the fairies, but we're loyal to each other. And that means the fairies can always count on us to have each other's backs and to do whatever we can to keep each other alive. I wonder if the fairies counted on that when they chose to spark us. I suspect I'll never truly find out the answer to that.

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