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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wizard Summer
Normals - that is the term we use to describe people in the natural world who have no magical gifts. They are the people who go about their lives, unaware of the existence of magic. And more importantly for us, they are unaware of the existence of actual wizards.

It's funny to me how magic can twist people's sense of reality. We have been involved in lots of battles that occur near people. I mean, just in our exploits in Rise of the Dead Magic, we go to Paris, Athens, and lots of other places. You would think that after all this time, normals would have figured out we exist.

But that's where the power of magic comes in. You see, the fairies and the magic they used to spark our world are amazingly powerful. Magic has the ability to mess with people's minds. When magic is in the area, normals' memories get twisted and reshaped, so that it better fits their sense of reality. Invasions by creatures of the dead magic get wiped from their minds, leaving holes in their memories or filling in those holes with moments that never existed. When a normal dies during one of our battles, that memory gets replaced by one of a random act of violence perpetrated by another normal, not by some creature of the dead magic. Unsolved crimes are sometimes unsolvable because the power of magic makes them so. Sometimes, residual memories exist, though, and they can spark the imaginations of those who experienced a magical event. They usually come out in interesting ways - in fantasy books, websites, and even online games.

Of course, we also have rules of engagement. We are not supposed to begin our magical battles while normals are around - that helps to protect the secrets of magic. Even the Wizard of the Dead Magic is bound by that rule. Sometimes, though, normals do encounter us directly and see us cast one of our spells. When that happens, magic cannot affect their memories. They usually end up not surviving very long, though, because that usually means they stumbled across a battle between the wizards. Those that do, though, often end up telling their stories to the tabloids, but the rest of the natural world ends up thinking the story was just made up. And once again, magic maintains its secrecy.

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