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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prepare Your Weapons

Wizard Nikko
I thought this might be a good time to fill everybody in on the weapons we use in battle. I could have left this up to one of the other wizards, but I figured as the Teacher and Protector, it was my job to take the lead.

As you all know by now, I am the Wizard of Fire. For me, a fire sword has developed as the weapon most easily conjured. The sword is quite useful. It provides light, which allows me to fight relatively easily even in a darkened place. And it is a powerful emanation of fire magic, meaning that I can use it to effectively dispel a number of Balthazar's minions. Of course, when it comes to slaying powerful creatures, my flame sword has proven to be ineffective. And that's where I need to summon something more powerful - using the combined power of all of the wizards of the light magic.

Summer's weapon of choice is a double-bladed staff. It actually works quite well with her type of magic. She is a healing wizard by nature, relying largely on the protective power of the earth magic to keep creatures at bay (and spear some with a few of her spells). Her staff is useful because it can be used to keep creatures far enough away from Summer that she can cast the types of spells she needs to cast to be effective.

Jolie's weapon of choice is a mace. Though a mace may not seem like a powerful weapon, Jolie's mace is a strong emanation of her wind magic. Coupled with the armor she can summon and her ability to fly, Jolie can wield her mace in ways none of the other wizards ever could.

And finally, Reece's weapon of choice is a sword made of ice. But because water can freeze, Reece is also able to summon an ice shield to protect her from oncoming attacks, quite a nice complement to her sword. That is something I wish I could conjure, but I don't think a fire shield is going to stop much of anything. Having her shield allows Reece to engage her enemies in vastly different ways than I do, and that allows us greater flexibility in how we fight as a team.

And that's the most important aspect of the weapons we conjure for battle. They really play to our strengths and allow us to leverage our magic in the best ways possible. Our other spells really complement the use of those weapons, and that is why I feel confident going into battle.

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