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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Box of Death

There are bits and pieces of history that have been passed down through the ages from one Wizard of the Dead Magic to the next. Mostly, these bits and pieces show up in various tomes that occupy the wizard's castle within the Realm of Dead Magic. They usually involve tactics for creating a bridge between the abyss and the natural world, the development of some artifact, or another accomplishment that was realized by a particular wizard.

Wizards of the Dead Magic explore these bits and pieces of information as a way to try and achieve their ultimate goal: transforming the natural world into a surrogate Realm of Dead Magic, one that is free and unfettered from interference by the light magic.

One such piece of information that has existed for millennia concerns the Box of Death, an artifact created by the very first Wizard of the Dead Magic - Cain. Cain had been able to collect a series of stone fragments, with each fragment containing a powerful concentration of dead magic. Where the fragments came from and why they were imbued with the dead magic is unknown to me, lost to the passage of time. What is known, though, is that Cain crafted a small box with several compartments, one for each of the existing fragments. He imbued the box with the dead magic, allowing the sparks of the fragments to reconnect with each other once they were inside the box.

As millennia have passed, much of what is known about the Box of Death or the fragments has been lost. It is unknown exactly how many fragments existed or how many Cain was able to collect. I spent nearly a hundred years attempting to search the natural world, looking for - sensing for - the existence of such a powerful artifact, but I was never able to locate it. But now, it seems Malo has located this artifact, and it could very well be the implement for bringing about the desolation of the natural world.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Magic

So, Christmas is approaching, and I thought it might be a good time to explore the connection between Christmas and magic. I've always had a sense that there was a strong connection, and a few years ago, I asked Burgess, my Teacher and Protector about it. He shared what he knew, but he told me that I would need to learn more from the Hall of Wizards.

I decided to do just that, and here's what I learned. Around four thousand years ago there was a cataclysmic battle between the Wizards of the Light Magic and the Wizard of the Dead Magic in ancient Babylon. The Wizard of the Dead Magic was trying to use the power connected with the solstice to open a portal to the abyss. The battle raged for several hours, with a small portal opening and creatures from the abyss beginning to flood into the natural world. The creatures began to flood the city of Babylon, and the residents of the city did their best to fight back the cadre of creatures.

While the other Wizards of the Light Magic fought with the Babylonian army to protect the city, the Wizard of Fire used his powerful magic to close the portal, producing a bright flare of light that exploded up into the sky. The people of ancient Babylon saw the cataclysmic explosion and attributed it to the sun god coming to their aid. The creatures were eventually destroyed, as was the Wizard of the Dead Magic. The people of Babylon chose to have a celebration a few days later to commemorate the greatness of the sun god. That day turned out to be December 25.

Flash forward several centuries to the early days of the Romans. There was a period of horrible drought. Farming became difficult, if not impossible. People were starving, and the entire civilization was threatened. A pair of wizards, though, arrived in the area. One was able to use her magic to produce rain, while the other was able to use her magic to cause the crops to quickly spurt up from the ground. Their use of magic ended both the drought and the lack of food, giving the Roman civilization a new lease on life. As soon as they had used their magic to bring about an end to the drought and starvation, though, they simply disappeared, much to the Romans disappointment. The miraculous change in their situation, coupled with the immediate disappearance of the wizards, gave rise to the notion that the two wizards had been avatars of the God of Agriculture, Saturn. It took a couple of months for everything to return to normal in Rome, but once it had, the Romans decided to use that time to celebrate the power of Saturn. That day also happened to be December 25.

These are just a couple of the amazing events that have happened within the natural world that have a tie to the date celebrated as Christmas in the modern age, but there are many others, and all of them have a tie to the power of the light magic, a force for good in the natural world.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Hate the Cold

So, I know we're getting close to Christmas, and as Jolie pointed out, it would be nice to see a Christmas come around without any Wizard of the Dead Magic threatening the natural world.

But I gotta say, one of the things I hate about Christmas is the cold. I know it's not cold all over the world at Christmastime, but it always has been where I grew up. And I really don't like it in the least bit. I am such a warm weather girl, I would probably be happy spending Christmas in Australia (minus the demonic kangaroos).

Of course, it's also a bit difficult to use your earth magic to its fullest potential when there's two or three inches of snow on the ground. The one time we had to fight Balthazar in the snow, the best I was able to do was use my staff to return Balthazar's creatures to the abyss. It's a good thing Reece was able to use her water magic so effectively, or else we might have lost that battle. Between her and Jolie, there were enough distractions to keep Balthazar's creatures off balance, so Nikko and I could finish them off.

While the other wizards may not be so impacted by the cold weather or the snow, my powers become much weaker. There just isn't as much for the Wizard of Earth Magic to do when most of the plants and trees are dormant for the winter. They do not produce enough ambient magic for me to draw on, which means I drain my spark much more quickly than normal. I would much prefer a nice, warm, temperate area than a cold, frozen one.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Christmas Wish

It's funny how things have changed since I became the Wizard of Wind Magic. You see, my perspective is much different these days than back when things were simpler. Back before I became sparked, I was living in an orphanage. At that time, I would have wished for a loving family to come and adopt me and my sisters. Of course, the fact that there were three of us made that wish never come to pass, though I guess you could say Nikko sort of adopted us. It just didn't work out the way I thought it would.

But now, I would have to say that my Christmas wish would be to rid the world of the dead magic forever - to end the eternal battle between the light and dead magics. While I love the awesome things I can do because of my spark, I would give it all up without any second thoughts if it meant there would be no more Wizards of the Dead Magic, no more constant threats to the natural world. I'm not wishing for world peace here, I'm just wishing to let the future of the natural world be decided by normals and not by wizards and fairies.

You see, there've been many events in the history of the natural world that were influenced by magic. Sometimes, those events are good, but all too often, those events have led to death, chaos, and darkness. It would be nice if the future of the natural world could progress unimpeded by the power of magic, both light and dead. Let the human spirit, not the power of magic, guide the future.

Unfortunately, I don't see my Christmas wish coming true anytime soon. Until it does, I have no choice but to carry on as the Wizard of Wind Magic, fighting to protect the natural world so that normals can have something to celebrate at Christmas.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

So, I love a White Christmas! It's not because I'm a huge fan of Bing Crosby or anything like that. It's because a White Christmas means snow, and snow means frozen water on the ground. And for a Wizard of Water Magic, that means I have an awful lot of stuff to work with without having to use too much of my own spark. You see, I can make it rain or snow, but to do those things, I have to expend some of my spark. With snow on the ground, I can use my spark instead to make it do all kinds of fun things for me.

I've only really had one chance to fight against Balthazar in the snow. It didn't work out to his advantage, let me tell you that. I was able to form snowballs while Jolie used her wind magic to pelt creature after creature, giving Nikko and Summer the opportunity to easily move in and destroy a bunch of goblins and skeletons. I was also able to will the snow to freeze even more, becoming slick sheets of ice that rendered Balthazar's minions completely useless. And I was able to do all of that without having to expend much of my spark.

So, while it may not seem like much, snow can definitely be used to my advantage. I'm pretty sure Balthazar learned that a snowy battlefield was never going to lead to anything but defeat for him. I guess perhaps that's why he's avoided battles in the snow since then.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Can Use That to My Advantage

The natural world - our world - is teaming with life. There are so many places on the planet where nature reigns supreme. Forests and jungles provide the best places in the natural world to connect with the earth magic. I can manipulate the plants and trees around me, I can connect with the power of the earth magic that resides deep within those areas, and I can use that to my advantage.

It's kind of nice when we have to battle within those places because my magic can be used much more effectively. Not only can I harness it to protect myself and the other wizards, but I can transform the earth magic into a powerful weapon. I can use it to cause tree-like spears to come shooting upwards from the ground, sending dozens of goblins, skeletons, or other creatures back to the abyss. I can use it to put an end to the dead magic's plans to conquer the natural world.

While it may not always be easy being the Wizard of the Earth Magic, when we're fighting deep within a forest or jungle, my power is difficult to challenge.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Channelling the Dead Magic

Magic is a powerful force. It exists all around the natural world, and it can be channelled to augment a wizard's own spark. Of course, wizards of the dead magic often become quite masterful at performing such feats.

The natural world has, over its history, been plagued by some very dark days. Many of those horrific periods were fueled by the dead magic. And when death and destruction plagues an area for an extended period, a concentration of residual dead magic often remains for quite some time - even after the death and destruction has ended.

A Wizard of the Dead Magic can use his spark to channel that residual magic, opening portals that allow powerful creatures to escape from the abyss. He can channel that power to corrupt normals within the area, transforming them into powerful creatures that obey his every command. And he can leverage powerful structures that have a connection to the dead magic - such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pharos of Alexandria - as a lightning rod for that power.

The Wizards of the Dead Magic who were most successful in the past were able to leverage the dead magic's connection to the natural world to accomplish their feats. It remains to be seen when such will happen again.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The History of the World Is A History of Magic

The more I travel the natural world with Nikko, the more I realize that the history of our world is so deeply tied to the history of magic. A lot of the darker periods in history were at least partly shaped by a wizard of the dead magic.

Mexico City, Egypt, Paris - all have a history tied to magic. And there are so many other places I could name. The dead magic has influenced so much of the history of the natural world, but that influence never made its way into the history books. The power of magic keeps that from happening.

And since the beginning of recorded history, wizards of the light magic have played a role in defeating the dead magic's influence. Wizards have given their lives to help end the dead magic's sway over a region, ruler, or people. But even when the dead magic's influence has ended, a particular area may radiate dead magic for years, centuries, or even millennia, especially in places where the dead magic had a powerful foothold.

Unfortunately, that means a wizard of the dead magic may return to a site that still radiates the dead magic and use that residual power to augment his own power. Unfortunately, we've had the privilege of seeing that first hand. Balthazar tried to use the radiant magic of Paris, Athens, Australia, and Mexico to make his own power stronger. Somehow, we have managed to survive.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creating Artifacts is Not as Easy as It Seems

Summer recently discussed the potential power of artifacts in our battle against the dead magic. She was even so kind as to point out that I have, so far, been unable to learn how to create them. That's true, but there is a caveat to that explanation.

My Teacher and Protector, Burgess, was adamant about us not learning how to create artifacts. Though he knew of their immense potential, he also readily pointed out that they could cause wizards to become more careless, relying too much on the power of their artifacts and spending too little time honing their own spark.

When he cautioned us against their use, he seemed to be speaking from experience. Though Devon, Arturo, and I probed him about his own experience with artifacts, he told us that he "didn't want to talk about it." And we had long since learned that when Burgess used those words, we were to drop the subject. And so we did.

Unfortunately, because of that, I never learned the intricacies involved in creating artifacts, and when Burgess died, any knowledge of how to create them was lost - at least for the time being. I've consulted the fire fairies - hoping they would clue me in about how to create them - but they simply told me that it was not the right time.

And so, to this day, the wizards of the light magic lack the ability to create artifacts. I'm sure when the time is right, we'll learn how to do so, but until then, we'll have to rely on the artifacts of others.

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