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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Channelling the Dead Magic

Magic is a powerful force. It exists all around the natural world, and it can be channelled to augment a wizard's own spark. Of course, wizards of the dead magic often become quite masterful at performing such feats.

The natural world has, over its history, been plagued by some very dark days. Many of those horrific periods were fueled by the dead magic. And when death and destruction plagues an area for an extended period, a concentration of residual dead magic often remains for quite some time - even after the death and destruction has ended.

A Wizard of the Dead Magic can use his spark to channel that residual magic, opening portals that allow powerful creatures to escape from the abyss. He can channel that power to corrupt normals within the area, transforming them into powerful creatures that obey his every command. And he can leverage powerful structures that have a connection to the dead magic - such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pharos of Alexandria - as a lightning rod for that power.

The Wizards of the Dead Magic who were most successful in the past were able to leverage the dead magic's connection to the natural world to accomplish their feats. It remains to be seen when such will happen again.

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