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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Can Use That to My Advantage

The natural world - our world - is teaming with life. There are so many places on the planet where nature reigns supreme. Forests and jungles provide the best places in the natural world to connect with the earth magic. I can manipulate the plants and trees around me, I can connect with the power of the earth magic that resides deep within those areas, and I can use that to my advantage.

It's kind of nice when we have to battle within those places because my magic can be used much more effectively. Not only can I harness it to protect myself and the other wizards, but I can transform the earth magic into a powerful weapon. I can use it to cause tree-like spears to come shooting upwards from the ground, sending dozens of goblins, skeletons, or other creatures back to the abyss. I can use it to put an end to the dead magic's plans to conquer the natural world.

While it may not always be easy being the Wizard of the Earth Magic, when we're fighting deep within a forest or jungle, my power is difficult to challenge.

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