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Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Hate the Cold

So, I know we're getting close to Christmas, and as Jolie pointed out, it would be nice to see a Christmas come around without any Wizard of the Dead Magic threatening the natural world.

But I gotta say, one of the things I hate about Christmas is the cold. I know it's not cold all over the world at Christmastime, but it always has been where I grew up. And I really don't like it in the least bit. I am such a warm weather girl, I would probably be happy spending Christmas in Australia (minus the demonic kangaroos).

Of course, it's also a bit difficult to use your earth magic to its fullest potential when there's two or three inches of snow on the ground. The one time we had to fight Balthazar in the snow, the best I was able to do was use my staff to return Balthazar's creatures to the abyss. It's a good thing Reece was able to use her water magic so effectively, or else we might have lost that battle. Between her and Jolie, there were enough distractions to keep Balthazar's creatures off balance, so Nikko and I could finish them off.

While the other wizards may not be so impacted by the cold weather or the snow, my powers become much weaker. There just isn't as much for the Wizard of Earth Magic to do when most of the plants and trees are dormant for the winter. They do not produce enough ambient magic for me to draw on, which means I drain my spark much more quickly than normal. I would much prefer a nice, warm, temperate area than a cold, frozen one.

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