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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Christmas Wish

It's funny how things have changed since I became the Wizard of Wind Magic. You see, my perspective is much different these days than back when things were simpler. Back before I became sparked, I was living in an orphanage. At that time, I would have wished for a loving family to come and adopt me and my sisters. Of course, the fact that there were three of us made that wish never come to pass, though I guess you could say Nikko sort of adopted us. It just didn't work out the way I thought it would.

But now, I would have to say that my Christmas wish would be to rid the world of the dead magic forever - to end the eternal battle between the light and dead magics. While I love the awesome things I can do because of my spark, I would give it all up without any second thoughts if it meant there would be no more Wizards of the Dead Magic, no more constant threats to the natural world. I'm not wishing for world peace here, I'm just wishing to let the future of the natural world be decided by normals and not by wizards and fairies.

You see, there've been many events in the history of the natural world that were influenced by magic. Sometimes, those events are good, but all too often, those events have led to death, chaos, and darkness. It would be nice if the future of the natural world could progress unimpeded by the power of magic, both light and dead. Let the human spirit, not the power of magic, guide the future.

Unfortunately, I don't see my Christmas wish coming true anytime soon. Until it does, I have no choice but to carry on as the Wizard of Wind Magic, fighting to protect the natural world so that normals can have something to celebrate at Christmas.

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