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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Box of Death

There are bits and pieces of history that have been passed down through the ages from one Wizard of the Dead Magic to the next. Mostly, these bits and pieces show up in various tomes that occupy the wizard's castle within the Realm of Dead Magic. They usually involve tactics for creating a bridge between the abyss and the natural world, the development of some artifact, or another accomplishment that was realized by a particular wizard.

Wizards of the Dead Magic explore these bits and pieces of information as a way to try and achieve their ultimate goal: transforming the natural world into a surrogate Realm of Dead Magic, one that is free and unfettered from interference by the light magic.

One such piece of information that has existed for millennia concerns the Box of Death, an artifact created by the very first Wizard of the Dead Magic - Cain. Cain had been able to collect a series of stone fragments, with each fragment containing a powerful concentration of dead magic. Where the fragments came from and why they were imbued with the dead magic is unknown to me, lost to the passage of time. What is known, though, is that Cain crafted a small box with several compartments, one for each of the existing fragments. He imbued the box with the dead magic, allowing the sparks of the fragments to reconnect with each other once they were inside the box.

As millennia have passed, much of what is known about the Box of Death or the fragments has been lost. It is unknown exactly how many fragments existed or how many Cain was able to collect. I spent nearly a hundred years attempting to search the natural world, looking for - sensing for - the existence of such a powerful artifact, but I was never able to locate it. But now, it seems Malo has located this artifact, and it could very well be the implement for bringing about the desolation of the natural world.

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