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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The History of the World Is A History of Magic

The more I travel the natural world with Nikko, the more I realize that the history of our world is so deeply tied to the history of magic. A lot of the darker periods in history were at least partly shaped by a wizard of the dead magic.

Mexico City, Egypt, Paris - all have a history tied to magic. And there are so many other places I could name. The dead magic has influenced so much of the history of the natural world, but that influence never made its way into the history books. The power of magic keeps that from happening.

And since the beginning of recorded history, wizards of the light magic have played a role in defeating the dead magic's influence. Wizards have given their lives to help end the dead magic's sway over a region, ruler, or people. But even when the dead magic's influence has ended, a particular area may radiate dead magic for years, centuries, or even millennia, especially in places where the dead magic had a powerful foothold.

Unfortunately, that means a wizard of the dead magic may return to a site that still radiates the dead magic and use that residual power to augment his own power. Unfortunately, we've had the privilege of seeing that first hand. Balthazar tried to use the radiant magic of Paris, Athens, Australia, and Mexico to make his own power stronger. Somehow, we have managed to survive.

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