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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finding the Three Wizards

I realized that I never had a chance to tell the story of how I located the Three Wizards, so I thought now might be a good time to tell it.

By now, you probably know Burgess was my Teacher and Protector. I didn't take over that role until he was killed during a battle with Balthazar, as were my other two wizards friends, Devon and Arturo. That left me as the only surviving wizard of the light magic, and that meant I was to assume the role of Teacher and Protector, along with all the responsibilities and powers that go with it.

After the battle, I fled back to the Realm of Light Magic, unsure of exactly what I was supposed to do. The fairies of the light magic came and visited me within the Castle Cloudline. It was the first time they had ever visited the castle since I had become a wizard, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen all that often. They wanted to instruct me on how to access the powers of the Teacher and Protector.

At first, I wanted nothing to do with that responsibility. After all, I was still grieving the loss of Burgess, Arturo, and Devon. Yet, the fairies were somewhat patient with me, working with me, helping me through my grief while they taught me the intricacies of my new responsibilities.

And then, they reached a point where they decided it was time - time for the other fairies to allow the sparks of the new wizards to become active. It was then that I felt it - felt the power of the sparks that were now active in the natural world. They called to me, pulling me away from the Realm of Light Magic.

When I arrived in the natural world, I figured I would find the new wizards spread out across it. I figured it would take me weeks to locate all three of them, but I was extremely surprised to find that all three of them were located in one place - an orphanage. I was even more surprised that they were sisters. According to the fairies, it was the first time they had taken that approach to sparking new wizards.

I inquired as to the reason they had chosen to spark three sisters, but as usual, they refused to explain much of anything. Instead, they simply told me that it was just "the way of things," which is their way of saying they have a reason, but they don't want to explain it.

And so, I worked on a plan to get the future Three Wizards out of the orphanage where they were living. I brought them back to the Realm of Light Magic, and the rest is history.

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