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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jhophes the Zombie Lord

One could argue that the biggest mistake I made as the Wizard of the Dead Magic was when I chose to summon the Zombie Lord, Zhophes. I knew that he was quite a handful and that he would be difficult to control, but I assumed that my five hundred years as a wizard adequately prepared me to keep him on a short leash. Little did I know that he could not be controlled and that he had his own agenda.

Ultimately, I think he wishes he could be the Wizard of the Dead Magic instead of being the Lord of the Dead who is the master of all zombies. Though he has an extraordinary amount of power, he desires more.

And summoning him was my undoing as the Wizard of the Dead Magic. I thought I could control him, but I failed miserably. In fact, I would argue that my brief stint as a zombie minion of Jhophes was the worst period of my life - ever! To be incapable of lifting a finger against him, to know that if he commanded me to do something I would be forced to obey - it was something I never experienced before, and something I never plan to experience again.

I am now free - mostly - of the power of the dead magic. I have turned against it, and I am rediscovering my humanity. I will never give up the power of free will again - not to anyone or anything!

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