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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ring of Flight

So, now that the battle for Taxco is done, I can finally stop to take a breath. I'm not sure how long it will last, though. Malo is going to try and find the final fragment of the Box of Death and use it to open a bridge between the abyss and the natural world.

We're going to do whatever we can to stop that, and my new artifact is going to come in handy. You see, when Michael McCoy and his wife Jennifer sent us out searching for artifacts, they directed us to Chicago and the personal museum of a man named Leon Palmetta. He had somehow located a ring that would give the Wizard of Wind Magic the power of flight without the need to use her own spark to accomplish it.

I now have that ring, and boy does it come in handy! As the Wizard of Wind, I love to fly (I think I already told you that). Until now, though, flying has always drained my spark - and pretty quickly, I might add. Well, now, I can fly all over the Realm of Light Magic or the natural world without worrying about draining my spark. Though I probably could use an artifact weapon someday - like what Nikko found - I can't complain about the coolness of my ring. I am certain it's going to come in quite handy in the next few weeks and months.

Want to learn more about Jolie, the power of wind magic, or her ring of flight? Then download Rise of the Dead Magic, Book 1 of the Three Wizards Chronicles, now.

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