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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Sentinels

It came as an enormous surprise that there was a group of normals - a relatively large group at that - who knew of the existence of magic and had been observing the battle among the wizards for centuries.

Though magic often twists people's sense of reality, some people must be immune to that effect. In other cases, it seems that when a wizard willingly reveals himself to a normal, the obscuring power of magic no longer works on that person.

That's where the Sentinels come in. Most of them learned about magic simply because the skewing of reality that normally occurs when magic is used did not affect them for whatever reason. And now, their organization spans the entire natural world, quickly learning when a wizard has returned to the natural world and chronicling what we do, when, and how. They even have a history of important artifacts, which came in quite handy when needed to secure some additional weaponry for our battle with Malo.

Some members of that organization chose to help us protect the natural world from Malo and Jhophes. I'm not sure what will happen to them, though. I don't think the Sentinels are very happy that Michael McCoy and his friends intervened to help us end Malo's attempts to conquer the natural world with his zombie army. After all, they're supposed to observe but never get involved. And breaking that oath might bring a punishment for them. I only hope the Sentinels recognize that without their involvement, we probably would never have been able to stop Malo and Jhophes. We would be living in a world controlled by the Dead Magic at this very moment!

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