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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Who Wants to Live Forever

Wizards do not age the same way as people do in the natural world. According to Nikko, the power of magic slows the aging process. In fact, wizards can live for centuries. We learned recently that Nikko was more than 150 years old. In my opinion, though, he doesn't look a day over 100.

The thought of living to be a hundred years old or older seems kind of scary to me. Imagine all the things that will have changed in a hundred years. I can only imagine the changes Nikko has seen in his lifetime. Heck, when he was young, there were no cars, electricity was not exactly used to power lights in people's houses, and there wasn't air conditioning. There were no cell phones - in fact, telephones weren't around at all.

Imagine what the next hundred years will bring to the natural world. Hopefully, the changes will be mostly good. If nothing else, let's hope we don't see the natural world become a desolate wasteland ruled by the dead magic. It's my job to help make sure that whole desolate wasteland thing never happens. I would much prefer to see how computers and cell phones change over the next hundred years than to get the joy of learning how many ogres it takes to change a light bulb.

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