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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Growing My Spark

Obviously, our sparks have grown some since we became wizards. We are constantly learning new spells, and though the battles we have with the dead magic are stressful and dangerous, our use of magic during those battles helps our sparks to grow even more.

The battle of Taxco, as difficult and taxing as it was, probably ended up doing more to grow my spark than a month's worth of practice in the Arena. I feel much more powerful now than I ever have, and it's only a matter of time before I can cast some new, more powerful spells.

A stronger spark will also give me more stamina during our battles. I will be able to fight longer than ever before. And given what seems to be around the corner, that's going to be extremely helpful.

That makes me I strong enough to enter the Hall of Wizards? Nikko has never let us go in there, because he always says we're not strong enough to absorb the powerful magic that exists within the room. But spark is so much stronger than ever before. Perhaps I should ask Nikko, though I'm sure he'll just respond in his usual overprotective way and tell me I'm still not strong enough. Ugh!

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