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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Talk about Stereotypes

Jolie talked about her new artifact, her magical ring of flight. I guess that seems pretty appropriate for the Wizard of Wind Magic. Each of us got a new artifact in the lead up to the battle of Taxco. Mine was a set of bracelets - bracelets that have the power of healing!

While my bracelets will definitely come in handy - and I am very thankful to have them - I could have definitely used something to do a little bit more for offense. As I said earlier, my powers are mostly focused on defense, distraction, and healing, and that means I can be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to fighting. So, instead of getting a cool sword like Nikko got, I received protective bracelets that turn my skin green. Talk about a stereotype! And that means, I'm still more defensive focused than anything else.

I can certainly use my staff to decapitate goblins with the best of them, but when it comes to more powerful creatures - like Jhophes and Skree - I have to spend more time trying to keep them from killing me than being able to really fight back.

Of course, my bracelets will protect me even more, and when combined with my protective magic, I'm probably pretty difficult to kill (but I'm not going to test that anytime soon, I hope). But I still wish I could acquire a more powerful offensive set of spells or a better weapon. If I did, I'd feel much more useful in battle than I do now.

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