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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Armies of the Dead Magic

During the course of our battles leading up to Taxco, we had to fight an awful lot of creatures summoned by Malo. We fought many weaker creatures, like goblins, zombies, and skeletons. Those creatures have proven to be rather easy to defeat. With one swing of my double-bladed staff, I can dispel them, sending them back to the abyss.

But we also ran into a few more powerful creatures, like ogres, trolls, shadow wraiths, and hellhounds. Those creatures sometimes take a bit more effort to dispel, especially the trolls. They're much more powerful creatures, which sometimes requires the use of a more powerful weapon. Nikko used to have to summon a sword sparked with all four types of light magic in order to defeat a troll. Now, though, he has his artifact sword, which gives him the power he needs to fight them off by himself (while we handle some of the other creatures).

Of course, we also encountered Jhophes and Skree, two Lords of the Dead. They had enormous power, and they proved to be the most difficult to dispel. Somehow, we managed to defeat them, though I'm still not sure how.

The saddest part of it all, though, is that in the natural world, we can never really kill any of them. If we defeat them, their essence simply returns to the abyss, where it resides until it's strong enough to be re-summoned.

That makes our job of protecting the natural world so difficult. It seems like we can't ever really win. We can't kill any of the creatures we battle, except for the Wizard of the Dead Magic. And that's why the war between the different types of magic has gone on for so long. The presence of the abyss and the binding of the essence of creatures of the dead magic to it has actually made our eternal struggle more difficult.

Perhaps if the abyss were gone, we could permanently kill some of the creatures of the dead magic. Perhaps then we could finally kill Jhophes and Skree, and make it impossible for them to threaten the natural world or the Realm of Light Magic ever again. I'm not saying I want Malo to find the last fragment of the Box of Death, because I think that would unleash more creatures than we could possibly turn back. I'm just saying that maybe the abyss is actually prolonging this eternal battle.

Want to learn more about Summer, the abyss, or the Box of Death? Then download Rise of the Dead Magic, Book 1 of the Three Wizards Chronicles.

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