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Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Have This Sneaking Suspicion

I have this sneaking suspicion that my future is going to be forever tied to magic and to Nikko and his wizards. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me.

Will I play a pivotal role in stopping Malo from using the Box of Death? Will I become corrupted once again by the dead magic? Will I even survive?

Right now, the future seems a little bleak for the natural world. I cannot recall a time when any Wizard of Dead Magic was so close to plunging the natural world into such a state of darkness and chaos, one where the boundary between the natural and the magical worlds was as blurred as it would be if the Box of Death were used. I suppose you would have to go all the way back to Cain, the Wizard of Dead Magic who originally created the Box of Death to begin with.

The suspense about what is to come is killing me, but one thing seems clear. I am not going to be sitting on the sidelines. I am going to be right in the middle of things. I am determined to play an important role in things to come. I am just not certain what that role will be. I hope it turns out to be one that suits me well...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fairies Can Be Quite Obnoxious

If you've read Rise of the Dead Magic, you know that our sparks were granted to us by the fairies of light magic. The fairies are responsible for choosing who will be their next wizard, and it is their job to ensure we have what it takes to defend the natural world from the Wizard of Dead Magic.

But, I gotta tell you that they can be really difficult to deal with sometimes. You see, they've been around forever and ever, so, you'd think they would be eager to share what what they've learned over that time with wizards who have only been sparked for just a few years.

And yet, that ain't how it works. They up and spring new things on us all the time - like when they decided to reveal that dragons were real and that each of us was "connected" to a dragon of our type of magic. I mean, sheesh, you'd think something like that might seem important enough to share pretty early on.

But they don't. Instead, they wait until they decide the time is right to tell us something new. And when we ask questions about why something is the way it is, they like to give us the most generic answer ever: "That is just the way of things."

I'm pretty sure that when they say that, they really mean one of two things: "we don't have any idea" or "you are too stupid to understand the reason because you haven't been around nearly as long as us."

It would be really nice, for once, to just get a straight answer far enough ahead of time that we could plan better (which, by the way, has to drive Nikko nuts because he's so obsessive about planning).

But, I guess asking them to change the way they've been for millennia isn't going to get me very far...

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Teacher & Protector

Being the Teacher and Protector of the Three Wizards provided some unique learning experiences for me. As I mentioned earlier, it was not something I felt all that prepared for. It comes with quite the burden, but it also comes with a few unique gifts.

Obviously, I've been sparked a lot longer than the Three Wizards, so it sort of goes without saying that I have more experience with magic than they do. That has made it relatively easy for me to help them to develop their sparks, and they've made quite a bit of progress in a short amount of time. Imagine, though, if I had been sparked at the same time as them or only a few years before them. That would have made "training" them quite an interesting experience.

I will say, though, that training them has not been without difficulties. Remember, when I was nothing but one of the Three Wizards myself, I was the youngest, and I was used to working, practicing, and fighting with male wizards. Working with teenage girls has been quite a shift from what I was used to. Heck, it had been decades since I even interacted with a female, and quite frankly, I can't remember the last time I had interacted with a teenage girl. So, all of that has been quite interesting for me - and it was quite the learning experience.

The other big learning experience was my newfound ability to sense the presence of the dead magic. As the Teacher and Protector, I now have the ability to feel when some powerful emanation of dead magic has been unleashed in the natural world. It's almost like having a dull pounding in my head, creating a magical sense (a seventh sense, if you will) that I can follow, which will lead me to the location of that emanation. I use that power to track down the Wizard of the Dead Magic so that we can stop whatever machinations he has contrived.

And that's really about all there is to it. Beyond the ability to sense the dead magic more powerfully, the role of Teacher and Protector is more about being the most well-trained of the wizards. If something were to happen to me in the immediate future, that role would pass to Summer because she would be the oldest surviving wizard. At that point, I think the role would be more symbolic than anything else, because I can't imagine either Jolie or Reece even calling her their Teacher and Protector. Oh, the drama that would unleash! I guess I better make sure nothing happens to me...

Want to learn more about Nikko or his ability to sense the dead magic? Then download Rise of the Dead Magic, Book 1 of the Three Wizards Chronicles.  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Box of Death Part II

A short time back, I revealed to you what I knew about the Box of Death, which was not all that much. As we fought to turn back Malo's zombie invasion, I learned a bit more about it from Zhephyrus. It appears that Cain created the Box of Death millennia ago using some fragments that were sent to the natural world during the Great Schism.

The Great Schism occurred when the Fairies of Light Magic split the Realm of Magic into three. They did this to protect themselves from the impending threat posed by the Sprites, who had already managed to enslave them for a brief period.

When the Realm was split, a powerful artifact composed of dead magic was shattered into seven pieces so that the fairies could create the abyss, a way to trap the powerful essences of the minions of the Sprites. The seven fragments were then sent to our world - the natural world - lost for all time. Or so the Fairies of Light Magic thought.

The Sprites decided that since they could not travel to the natural world directly without using too much of their spark - and in essence killing themselves - they decided to use inhabitants of the natural world as their surrogates. They identified a man named Cain, a man driven by the darker side of human emotions, and they imbued him with a bit of their magic. He was to be the first in an army of people sparked with the power of dead magic. The Sprites quickly learned, though, that they were unable to provide enough magic to spark more than one person at a time - if they wanted that person to possess enough power to utilize magic in the natural world.

And so, Cain became the first in a long line of wizards, and they gave him the task of finding the seven fragments. They taught him how to imbue objects with magical properties, and he created the first artifact - the Box of Death. It was a little stone box with seven compartments. Each fragment from the Great Schism could be placed within the Box of Death, and the box would merge its power with the power of the other fragments. If all seven of the fragments were to be combined, then the abyss would be destroyed. All the creatures sparked with dead magic would be free.

The unintended consequence of all this (or perhaps the Sprites knew of this consequence) was that the Box of Death itself and the spark it contained would also open a doorway between the Realm of Magic and the natural world. Their minions could freely enter our world, quickly conquering and enslaving it. Cain was to be the ruler of that world, imposing the will of the Sprites on every being, corrupting the beauty of the natural world and transforming it into a new Realm of Dead Magic.

Obviously, the Fairies of Light and Lightning did not appreciate this particular plan, so they decided to identify their own champions. And this began the age of wizards, with the natural world serving as the battlefield .

Cain was eventually able to locate six of the seven fragments, mostly with the help of Jhophes. However, Zhephyrus, the first Wizard of Lightning, managed to stop them. Jhophes was forced back to the abyss, and Cain was killed. He was buried with the Box of Death, and the six fragments he had collected. The location of his burial site was lost until Jhophes rediscovered it during his most recent foray into the natural world. Now, Malo has the Box of Death and will stop at nothing to find that seventh and final fragment. And it is my job to help stop him...

Want to learn more about Balthazar, the Box of Death, or the Realm of Magic? Then download Rise of the Dead Magic, Book 1 of the Three Wizards Chronicles.