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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sometimes Extreme Actions Are Needed

I saw Jolie's post about The Box of Death. I understand that the wizards worry that I may be corrupted again by the dead magic. After all, I still possess a bit of dead magic inside me. I, too, worry about the potential. Still, I have taken steps to minimize the likelihood, and that is all I can do.

I also fully understand Nikko's concern for his wizards and the need to trust in them in the coming battle to protect the natural world. We have quite a job ahead of us, and I fully plan to be there, side by side with the wizards of light magic. I have rediscovered my humanity, I have turned down the Sprites' offer of power, and I have no intention of letting the dead magic become the overlord of the natural world.

Still, I suspect that some extreme actions may be needed in the coming days and weeks. Malo is a cold and vicious wizard. He is willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve the final fragment of the Box of Death. And sometimes, the wizards of light magic may lack the stomach to fight fire with fire (please pardon the reference to your particular type of magic, Nikko). And I do not lack the stomach for extreme actions. I spent five hundred years as the wizard of dead magic. I learned how to think and act nihilistically. Though I am trying to turn over a new leaf, I will do whatever it takes to stop Malo from using the Box of Death - even if that means returning to some of my former tactics.

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