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Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Amid a potential battle with husk walkers, Dr. Bones, some golems, and the Wizard of Dead Magic, now Reece thinks she's stumbled upon a potential romance between Nikko and Cassie. I will admit, I think she might be right, though I don't think Nikko is all that ready to develop a romantic relationship. He's our Teacher and Protector, and he takes that job very seriously - sometimes a bit too seriously. And right now, I'd say he's worried about things to come in our battle over the Box of Death, and I don't think he's got much brain power left over to worry about starting a relationship.

I could be wrong, but I think I know Nikko pretty well by now. He spends his time focusing on the business at hand and doesn't spend much time or attention on the more fun things in life. I mean, we may be wizards, and our responsibility for protecting the natural world is a bit daunting sometimes, but we're still people. We still crave a bit of relaxation, fun, and even romance. Well, at least I do. I enjoy the moments where I can just be Jolie, the teenage girl, having fun with my sisters (but I haven't found any opportunity for that whole romance thing). Moments to just be me don't come around that often - especially lately - but when they do, I plan to enjoy them.

I don't know that I can say the same about Nikko. When we're off having fun, he's usually cloistered away in his room, reading something interesting about magic. Or, he might be off in the Hall of Wizards, learning more about some aspect of magic that intrigues him. There was this time a while back that we convinced him to go on a picnic with us, and that surprised me no end. Of course, first we had to battle the creature Reptillo at the Mall of America, but at least we had some downtime afterward.

And that picnic was the last time I really remember Nikko letting loose and enjoying himself. So, if you ask me, I don't think Nikko is quite ready to allow himself to become distracted by a woman. I'm not sure he even remembers how to be anything but a wizard.

Want to learn more about Jolie and see whether or not she is right about Nikko and Cassie? Then download The Box of Death, Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles.

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