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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why Is My Love Life on This Blog?

Can someone please explain to me how we went from discussing Dr. Bones, husk walkers, and golems to talking about my love life? And in what world does it seem okay to post all this stuff on our blog?

And just for the record, I like to cut loose and have fun. I just do it in a way more befitting me and my interests than ways that would seem appropriate to a bunch of teenage girls. I don't like going shopping at the Mall of America or dressing up in fancy dresses - neither of which should come as a surprise to anyone.

I have always been intrigued by magic, both the good and evil aspects of it. Even when I was a little boy, the concept of magic was interesting to me. Of course, I never thought that one day I'd be able to wield its power, and I had no idea just how powerful it was. So yes, I do enjoy learning more about it because I've always had a love for it.

And with regard to my love life, there are parts of my past that I have chosen not to share with the Three Wizards - or anyone else for that matter. They've never learned about that part of my past, and I'm sure they would be surprised to learn that I have fallen in love with a normal once since I became a wizard. It didn't go well, and I would just as soon not repeat that mistake.

So, I guess that means they don't have anything to worry about. They can talk about me falling in love, but the truth is that is not going to happen. I refuse to allow it. So, consider the issue closed.

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