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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Was Right!

I just had to post this given Nikko's most recent mention of his date. I was right! Love is in the air, so all you doubters out there can kiss my butt.

Besides, it was good that I was right. If Nikko and Cassie had never gone out on a date, we would have never been able to meet Savannah, the newest member of our group. She seems nice enough. She has red hair like Summer, and when she is around something sparked with magic, these bright red tattoos show up all over her body. It's almost like she has some connection to fire magic, though I'm not sure what that is all about.

Still, it's kind of nice having someone closer to my age to pal around with. It's not that I dislike my sisters, but they are a bit older than me, and sometimes that leaves me feeling like the odd girl out.

I worry about Savannah's safety, though, because she doesn't have any magical powers of her own. That means someone is going to have to make sure she stays protected. I'll do my best to see that nothing bad happens to her, but I'm pretty sure that is going to have to be a group effort, especially since the girl's parents don't know anything about the existence of magic. Learning about that will be quite an eye-opening experience for them, I'm sure.

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