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Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Has Some Potential

Well, quite a few surprises have surfaced recently. Nikko and his wizards have finally located the new Wizard of Lightning, Stanley White has been corrupted by dead magic, and we have managed to locate a seer (though I think it is more accurate to state that the seer managed to locate us). All of this has the potential to influence - for better or worse - our quest to stop Malo.

I am not certain whether the new Wizard of Lightning will be trained enough to have an influence in the battle over the final fragment of The Box of Death, but if somehow that were possible, he could definitely add some powerful magic to any sort of battle. After all, right now, we have husk walkers, golems, and other powerful creatures fighting on Malo's side.

And one of those creatures happens to be Mastema - the Angel of Hostility - formerly Stanley White from the Sentinels. He has been corrupted by dead magic and transformed into something quite hideous, but also quite powerful. And Nikko made the mistake of developing some sort of magical connection with the man buried inside the monster, though that has not worked out in our favor so far. Summer thinks she can heal Mastema, and given what she was able to do for me, I have no reason to doubt her. But as she admits, we first have to find a way to restrain him, and so far that has proven quite difficult. Hopefully, he does not prove to be our undoing.

But perhaps what intrigues me the most is the recent entrance of the seer. This young girl seems to have the ability to sense all sorts of magic, and that power may prove to be our greatest asset. We shall ultimately have to see exactly what role she is to play in events to come, but I firmly believe she will play some role, as long as we can manage to keep her alive.

You will want to see how things play out with Darius, Mastema, and the seer, so download The Box of Death, Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles.

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