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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Remember Using Potions

It seems that Nikko is contemplating using some potions to assist us in our attempt to stop Malo. I remember dabbling in the use of potions over two hundred years ago when I was the Wizard of Dead Magic. I was looking for something that might give me an edge to defeat the Wizards of Light Magic at the time. I tried using a few of them - like a potion that hid my spark from detection and one that caused the recently deceased to rise out of a cemetery and serve my bidding.

The problem I found was that their effects were much too short lived. Given how difficult they were to create and the fact that they were only good for so long, I decided that they just were not all that useful for my purposes.

However, perhaps Nikko and his wizards can identify potions that might be of benefit to us. After all, potions can be used to provide a short-term magical spell that might benefit the normals who will be fighting with us. And quite frankly, given what we are up against, I worry about the safety of the Sentinels. These normals will be asked to put their lives on the line once again, and any help we can give them will be better than nothing.

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