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Sunday, November 2, 2014

How To Stop Malo

So, according to the fairies, to find the final fragment of The Box of Death we are going to have to locate the physical connection points with each of the six types of magic. We are still waiting for Darius to return to us from the Realm of Lightning Magic, but we already know where his physical connection point is. The problem we have is that we aren't sure exactly where the physical connection point is for the dead magic. The fairies were unable to tell us that.

And that has created a bit of a problem, because Balthazar doesn't know. Heck, he didn't know that such a physical connection point even existed. And so, here we are, so close to figuring out the last piece of the puzzle, but no idea where to start searching for that last piece.

Unfortunately, if we don't figure it out soon, it won't matter. Malo will have already found the final fragment of the artifact, and the natural world as we know it may cease to exist. It will be overrun by goblins, skeletons, and even more powerful creatures. The secret existence of magic will no longer be a secret, and the world will pay for our failure to keep that secret.

Will the wizards locate the final fragment of The Box of Death before Malo? Download The Box of Death, Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles, to find out.

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