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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Darius Has Arrived

Guess what? Darius is finally ready to fight with us against Malo! He apparently had to beg Zhephyrus to let him out of the Realm of Lightning, but even still, at least he's here. I have no idea how well trained he is, how powerful his spark has grown, or what sort of spells he can cast. What I do know is that he carries one really big golden battle axe and wields it like it's nobody's business.

And now I guess we're ready to go touch those physical connection points and locate the final fragment of The Box of Death. Everything is going to come to a head pretty soon, and we have got to be ready for it.

I'll admit, I'm more than a little bit nervous about this. We need to stop Malo, but with the powerful creatures he has fighting on his side, this is gonna be way worse than Taxco. Zombies were at least pretty easy to kill. Sure, we had to deal with Jhophes and Skree, but they're nothing compared to three golems, Dr. Bones, and Mastema. And if Malo finds that last piece before we do, we might end up having to fight even more powerful creatures than that. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this goes well.

Want to see how Darius does in his first magical battle? Want to see how things work out in the fight over The Box of Death? Download The Box of Death, Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles, now to find out.

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