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Sunday, December 28, 2014

He Is Right to Be Worried

Nikko is right to be worried about the upcoming battle. This will be a rather unique test. None of us has ever fought so many powerful creatures at one time in a battle of this magnitude with such high stakes.

And for the new Wizard Darius - I certainly do not envy his trial by fire. His first real experience will come in the form of a cataclysmic battle for the future of the natural world. He will certainly be learning his own limitations on the job.

And the normals - people without any sort of magical powers at all - they will be putting their lives on the line in all this. I am quite surprised by their bravery and character. Who would have thought they would so eagerly help us defend the natural world against such a threat?

And what will happen to me? I have an odd feeling about this. I am supposed to play some sort of role in things to come, but what role will it be? Will I become a savior for the natural world, or will my actions ultimately condemn the world to a darker future? Will I be able to live to tell about my role, or will it be one that requires the ultimate sacrifice from me? I suppose I will simply have to wait and see what destiny is in store for me. You would think that after more than five hundred years, I would be used to this sort of thing.

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