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Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm a Bit Worried

I am certainly not looking forward to this battle with Malo. Between Nikko and Balthazar, I very nearly had myself a panic attack. I was already nervous going into this thing, but now...

I know no battle is ever easy. We've won many battles that could have gone either way. But this one is different. This time, the deck seems stacked against us, even more so than it did back in Taxco. But here we are, the only people who stand between Malo and his his desire to recreate the natural world as a new Realm of Dead Magic.

I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to get a chance to use my healing bracelets at least once during this battle. Hopefully, if nothing else, I'll be able to use them to purge the dead magic from Stanley. At least then we won't have to keep fighting Mastema. We can keep our focus on the real bad guys.

I've gotta tell you people, I think we definitely have our work cut out for us. This is not going to be the most pleasant thing we've ever done. Let's just hope the future of the natural world remains secure.

Will Summer be able to free Stanley from the corruption of the dead magic? Will she and her allies be able to stop Malo? These questions and more are answered in The Box of Death, Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles. Download it today.

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