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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm Gonna Have My Work Cut Out for Me

I'm gonna have my work cut out for me. You see, I'm the only wizard with the ability to fly. Between my artifact ring and my magic, that means I'm get to be the one who keeps other flying creatures from ruining our day. And in the battle over The Box of Death, that means Mastema and the flying golem are my responsibility.

It would have been nice to have our dragons available for this battle, but unfortunately, because we have to go touch our physical connection points and then quickly bridge to wherever it is we're going, there just isn't time to run back to the Realm of Light Magic and get them. We're gonna have to battle this out on our own.

That means I get to be our air support - just me, all by myself. The most difficult part - beyond not getting myself killed - will be trying to restrain Mastema long enough for Summer to purge him of the dead magic. So let's just add another bit of complexity to my role.

With any luck, the normals will provide some cover fire with their shotguns that fire shells tipped with the fragments of light magic artifacts. They won't be strong enough to destroy the golem or Mastema, but they may be strong enough to at least injure them, bring them to the ground. They'll be much easier to eliminate if we can ground them both.

Here's hoping!

Jolie has her work cut out for her in the final battle over The Box of Death. Will she be up to task? You don't want to miss this, so download Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles now.

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